Paint Bucket Mold Maker


Paint Bucket Mold Maker

1.Hongmei is a good factory to make paint bucket mold. We have experience in making this type of bucket and aviod mold eccentricity when make mass production.

 In order to improve the mould life and product quality, we increase the mould steel hardness through heat treatment. The steels we commonly use are H13(48-52HRC), 2316(45-50HRC) etc.To prevent mould eccentric, we use whole piece of steel to make the bucket mould.

The cooling system is very important. We adopt single loop cooling way and setup even distribution water channels as much as possible.To enhance the cooling effect, Copper Beryllium can be inserted on the core and cavity.

Our bucket mould use air assistance,stripper plate and centre ejector for demolding (release in two steps). In order to increase cooling performance, there also have water channels in the centre.

* All small sliders will be nitrided to increase the hardenss.

* It is important to keep maintenance for the bucket moulds. We should check and make sure the the water channels and air circuit unlocked. Add lubricant oil for the siliders, regularly clean the stripper plate and centre ejector.

2. Paint bucket mould design software.

We use ug, cimatron and autocad to make the part design and mould design. And if necessary we will analyse the mould design with moldflow software.

3. Paint bucket mould material.

Mould core and cavity can be made by P20, 718, H13, etc. And if customer requst, we will insert CuBe on the mould core and cavity to get better cooling to make the cycle time shorter, but the mould cost will be increased.

a. P20

Widely used to make bucket mould, mould life around 300,000shots. Mould price is lower than 718 and H13 steel.

b. 718

Mould life around 500,000shots.

c. H13

Harden steel, mould life minimum 1,000,000shots.

d. Mould base.

S45C steel. We can self make the mould base, use standard mould base, such as LKM, etc.

4. Paint bucket mould cavity no.

1, 2, or 4. Depends on the bucket size and customer's injection machine ton.

5. Paint bucket mould runner system.

More than 90% with cold runner system, rest with hot runner system. Usually paint bucket mould designed with cold runner directly gate, sprue directly on the part. Below picture as an example.

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