How to Buy Home Appliance Mould From China?


How to Buy Home Appliance Mould From China?

Many customers will visit company in China before they place order, it will help them know well of the company which they are like. But after virus, it's hard to come to China, how can we make order trustfully.

Among the tremendous mould suppliers in China mainland, how to choose a right supplier and make everything go through well? As one of many supply representatives, here sharing the tips of sourcing. There is one rule that may help you keep an eye on what you will come across. “It’s best only when it fits you.”

The most competitive mould suppliers are located in Guangdong Province and Huangyan, Zhejiang Province, both possessing unique features. No matter what type of mould you are looking for, there is one point can not be neglected, professional service.

Professional services mainly include how fast of their response, how practical of mould design proposal and after sales service on technical support. Except finding a supplier in exhibitions, you may try to look for others on Internet. The booming Internet really helps many buyers and sellers. For example, you plan to buy thin wall food container mould. You get many contacts by searching on Google or Mould B2B platform. Firstly carefully looking through their website, whether it is a professional mould manufacturer specialized in thin wall mould. A good supplier shall regularly update their website and products. Your mould inquiry will be responded in a short time with professional manner. Based on your requirements on the container mould, a practical mould design shall be proposed. During the mould manufacturing, mould design is very crucial as it will make all the efforts in vain once the design is not correct. A tiny mini mistake will make mould scrapped and increase a lot of added work on mould manufacturing, welding, structure changing etc which might hurt the mould quality.

Besides, if the mould is perfectly designed while the machining quality can not reach to the mould cavities, cores or other components dimension requirements, still a problem. For example, by using Taiwanese CNC milling machine to approach a tolerance with±0.05mm. If the machine is not operated well, you can never get such tolerance during the mould manufacturing. The tool wear will bring about the bigger tolerance. A huge tolerance can be caused by the steel block deforming etc. Therefore, the special controlling and treatment during the CNC milling are very important. Also EDM, wire cutting or lathing, all the process shall be treated carefully.

The mould manufacturer shall update you every step once order confirmed during the whole mould manufacturing processing and need to be sure all the previous steps are accurate and correct in case of any mistake is left to the next step.

A fast response saves your time. A practical mould design reduces your cost. A good after sale service builds up a long term relationship.

Hongmei Plastic Mould is an up-and-coming mould manufacturer in Huangyan, a city named “China Mould Town”. We specialized in thin wall mould, commodity mould, home appliance mould and lab tools mould.

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Hongmei company have experience in making home applience mould, we had cooperation with many enterprise in China, such as Gree, Changhong and so on.

We can not only make home appliance mould shell, but also could finish the home appliance assembly.

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