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Hongmei Mould company is located in the “China mould town” Huangyan city, Zhejiang province in China. Our company specializes in the development of various type plastic injection molds. we have been committed to all kinds of high-quality mould R&D and making, including high speed thin wall mould, multi-cavity cap mould, home appliance mould, car parts mould, pipe fitting mould, etc. we have more than 200 employees and strong technical force. we have 8 senior designers and all designers have more than 10 years experience in mould design and are skilled in use UG, Pro-E, CAD etc softwares. meanwhile, we have strong QC management and Process team, with our years experience in mold manufacturing and strong team, we can arrange the mould tooling progress in a very best way and choose the suitable machine for tooling. To help customer to realize the max. mold life in high efficient production.

If you want to custom plastic mould with a professional and experienced Chinese injection mould making company, Hongmei mould is your best choice! From design to market, your products, our commitment! We are always here to offering a fine solution...

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  • Plastic Basket Mould

    Plastic Basket Mould

    We produced many different types of plastic basket mould, such as shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, storage basket mould, etc. cooling and rapid prototyping are the key requirements of this kind of mould, we have accumulated lots of experience in mould production.

  • China Plastic Pallet Mould Maker

    China Plastic Pallet Mould Maker

    Pallets are cargo platforms for the transport of goods and are more widely used in production, transportation, Warehousing an D Distribution. In the early days, Most Pallets were made of wood, but Nowadays plastic Pallets has gradually get rid of WO Oden Pallet due to predictability and long life. T...

  • Sauce and Vinegar Plastic Thin Wall Box Mould

    Sauce and Vinegar Plastic Thin Wall Box Mould

    Hongmei Mould is a professional manufacturer of thin wall box mould. While ensuring the hardness of the product, we can also achieve uniform wall thickness of the product. Then what steel material should we generally choose?

  • Household Trash Can Mold

    Household Trash Can Mold

    Hongmei has accumulated rich experience in household trash can mold manufacturing, and has developed garbage cans of different capacities and styles for customers from different countries, such as pedal type, swinging cap type, induction type, no cap type and so on. If you would like to customize th...

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