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Plastic Thin-wall Mould

Plastic Thin-wall Moulds generally include (disposable cup mould, plastic thin-walled lunch box mould, two-color mould, medical mould, gas assisted injection mould, etc.)
Plastic Thin-wall Moulds Bi-injection Mould
Bi-injection mould with the rotation system made the molding of dual-color product fast and simply. Please kindly see the videos of the bi injection moulds which we have made. We have Bi-injection moulding machines in our workshop which are especially for moulds testing, we can offer you the bi-injection moulding service, can consider the mould invested by us.
Plastic Thin-wall Moulds bi-color PC cupDisposable Tableware Mould
HongMei Mould has many experiences in stacking mould manufacturing, guarantee mould life with 10 million shots. Good cooling system. Accurate products weight controlling for each caivty, we have made a lot of knife mould, fork mould and spoon mould.
 Mould Name: Disposable Tableware Mould
 Product Size: 16cm
 Product Description: Knife and fork spoon PP, PS material products
 Mould Cavity: 24+24 cavity
 Mould Size: 550x550x700mm
 Suitable Machine: 200HH
 Mould Main Material: S136 H13
 Mould Injection System: 1 Point valve gate system
 Mould Ejection System: ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time: 5 Seconds
 Mould Running: 3M
 Delivery Time: 35 working days
 Mould Features: Simple structure Mould , Good cooling water system, Excellent product sub-type effect, Accurate weight control products

 Mould Name: Bi-injection Mould
 Product Size: φ80x130mm
 Product Description: two color PC cup
 Mould Cavity: 1+1 cavities
 Mould Size: 600X500X450mm
 Suitable Machine:  250Ton
 Mould Main Material: S136
 Mould Injection System:hot runner
 Mould Ejection System: stripper
 Mould Cycle Time: 35 Seconds
 Mould Running: 1M
 Delivery Time: 40 working days
 Mould Features: great experience in bi-injection mould such as bi-color injection mould tooth brash, bi-color molding plastic caps, two color helmet, twin color injection moulds for glass, masks or baby toys of different colors
Plastic Thin-wall Moulds gas-assisted injection mould
Gas Assist injection moulding is normally applicable for components in which there are thick sections. Gas assist injection moulding is able to reduce the weight and reinform the plastic components after its molding finish. It is widely applied for gas assist injection moulding in chair mould, table mould, automotive mould and so on. HongMei made gas-assisted injection mould annully 100sets, and own our own equipment for injection with gas assist injection moulding technology.   
Gas Assist injection moulding typical applications:
The gas flows into the path of least resistance in the thicker sections where the plastic interior is still in a molten state. Reduced in-mould pressures by up to 60%, and therefore reduced press lock forces enabling larger
The use of the gas injection moulding as a means of transmitting pressure uniformly throughout the moulding. mouldings on much smaller machines.
Reduced power consumption.
Reduced moulded in stress, and therefore improved dimensional stability with no distortion.
 Mould Name: gas-assisted injection mould
 Product Size: 500x550x850
 Product Description: gas-assisted chair
 Mould Cavity: 1 cavity
 Mould Size: 1400x900x850mm
 Suitable Machine:1150Ton
 Mould Main Material: 2738H
 Mould Injection System: Yudo hot runner
 Mould Ejection System: Ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time: 55 Seconds
 Mould Running: 1 M
 Delivery Time: 65 working days
 Mould Features: gas assisted injection mould, rattan design high precision/ mouldtech textur
HONGMEI Mould Plastic adhere to the development and manufacturing guidance of "high speed, accuracy, efficiency, environmental protection, and low consumption" to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and create economic benefits and value for customers.
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