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PET Preform And Cap Mould

China HongMei PET Preform And Cap Mould developed includes (Paint Bucket Mould、Plastic Cutlery Mould、Thinwall Food Container Mould、Plastic Cup Mould、Cap Mould) customized hotline: 0086-15867668057 Wechat:249994163 Welcome to your email, welcome to China, looking forward to working with you as good friends and partners.
Cap/PET Preform Mould
PET Preform And Cap Mould and PET preform mould. For the Package cap mould, we could make flip-top cap mould, water cap mould, Juice cap mould, spray cap mould which could suit for different bottle size. We could also make PET Package preform mould with multi-cavity for 30ml until 5gallon bottle capacity
If you have new plan to invest into water packaging industry with PET Preform And Cap Mould, welcome to contact us, we could supply high quality plastic production line, include cap injection molding line, PET preform injection molding line and also bottle blowing line. We are the direct mould and injection molding machine manufacturer, we could offer favorable price with convenient service. Thanks.
Package Mould with Water Cap Mould
 Mould Name: Cap/PET Preform Mould
 Product Size: PCO28mm
 Product Description: 2g caps for water packaging industry
 Mould Cavity: 72 Cavity
 Mould Size: 1320*620*759mm
 Suitable Machine: 600HH
 Mould Main Material: S136 stainless steel with HRC48-50 (ASSAB )
 Mould Injection System: hot runner Gate
 Mould Ejection System: stripper
 Mould Cycle Time: 7 Seconds
 Mould Running: 5M
 Delivery Time: 50 working days
 Mould Features: 1. Meet high-quantity productivity ,26000-30000 PCS/hour 2. Full hot runner system with Germany heater 3. Interchangeable core and cavity,easy for maintainence 4. 600HH high speed injection machine, cycle time reach 9s 
Package Plastic Cutlery Mould
Disposable plastic spoon fork and knife mould is the Fast food suppliers’ key to open the door of large molding business profit. Large production capacity for PS spoon and fork , PP spoon and fork knife mould at a high speed thinwall production line.
We offer Package plastic cutlery mould such as 32cavity, 64cavity and stacking 48+48cavity for plastic spoon moulds, plastic knife mould, plastic fork mould can run with cycle time of 5seconds. And plastic tray mould, thinwall plastic containers 500ml and disposable 1L box mould in 3seconds cycle time in four cavity.
The solution of high speed container and plastic cutlery mould is not only because the good steel S136 imported from Europe, hot runner system, valve gate system for each key point of thinwall cutlery, but also a reasonable design in the container and plastic spoon, plastic knife and fork design.
 Mould Name: Package Plastic Cutlery Mould
 Product Size: 16cm
 Product Description: knife and fork
 Mould Cavity: 48 cavities
 Mould Size: 750x550x600mm
 Suitable Machine: DKM-450 Ton
 Mould Main Material: S136
 Mould Injection System: 48 tips full hot runner
 Mould Ejection System: Ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time: 5.5 Seconds
 Mould Running: 3M
 Delivery Time: 55 working days
 Mould Features: high speed molding solution
HONGMEI Package Plasti Mould also provide product packaging services, can be packaged in China, directly exported to any country, if you have any demand, you are welcome to contact us!Looking forward to cooperating with you

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