Do you know what kinds of vacuum cleaners there are?


Do you know what kinds of vacuum cleaners there are?  Next, let's talk about it briefly for you.

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Vacuum cleaners are classified by shape: horizontal vacuum cleaner, vertical vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner, barrel vacuum cleaner, push-rod vacuum cleaner, intelligent vacuum cleaner.  

1.Horizontal Vacuum Cleaner  

Vacuum cleaner types are more common in The Asian and European markets, accounting for more than 80% of the overall market.  It is characterized by compact appearance and convenient storage.  Horizontal vacuum cleaner is also divided into "dust box vacuum cleaner" and "dust bag vacuum cleaner".  

2. Vertical Vacuum Cleaner  

American market is more common, suitable for large area carpet cleaning.  

3. handheld vacuum cleaner  

Small size, very convenient to carry and use, mainly used for car cleaning, keyboard, electrical appliances and other good effect.  Disadvantage is small power, suction is not strong enough.  

4. Barrel Vacuum Cleaner  

Commercial vacuum cleaners, mainly used by cleaning companies, hotels and office buildings, are characterized by large capacity and water absorption.  

5. Push-rod Vacuum Cleaner  

Now gradually increase, more for the rechargeable type, is characterized by small size, easy to use.   

6. Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner  

Automatic cleaning of dust on the floor, automatic cleaning of hair and debris, cleaning tasks after completion, automatic return to charge, the core technology of intelligent vacuum cleaner is chip and software inside.  High-end vacuum cleaner, can automatically clean and charge, advantages are low noise, small size, can easily enter the traditional vacuum cleaner cannot reach the place.  

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