Battery Box Mould Customization


battery box mould

As an important barrier to protect battery, battery shell is widely used in electric vehicles, battery cars, electric tricycles and so on.  Generally, the battery shell is made of polypropylene, ABS and FR-ABS, which have good insulation and high pressure resistance, and is made of plastic injection moulding.  If you want efficient and stable battery box mould to produce high quality battery box, HoMe Mould will be your satisfied partner.  


Before manufacturing the battery box mould, we will according to customer needs, reasonable analysis of the product into the glue point, shrinkage, deformation, cooling and other technical points;  Choose reasonable steel material according to the required material and product structure to ensure the quality of products and mould life.  


For battery box mould, here we take UPS series 55AH as an example:  

Product Size: 215 * 172 * 204mm  

Number of Cavities: 1 cavity  

Mould Size: 750 * 600 * 710mm  

Mould Steel: S136  

Mould Life: 1M  

Injection Moulding System: 7tips hot runner system  

Ejector System: push plate  

Mould Features: reasonable battery box mould structure design, optimized cooling system;  Using 7 point hot runner system to make injection more balanced;  Insert core using high strength mould steel, to avoid bending or core displacement;  Each step ensures strict quality control and is accompanied by quality control reports.  

battery box mould     battery box mould     battery box mould

HoMe Mould can provide you with efficient and stable battery box mould, welcome your consultation and cooperation.

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