Changeable Insert of Injection Pallet


Changeable Insert of Injection Pallet

How to make this pallet mould?

Open the insert installation slot in the cavity,Screw holes in the mounting slot of the insert,There are fixing holes and plug holes in the insert,Screws pass through the fixing holes and the holes of the cavity to fix,Set a plug in the plug hole.

When replacing the insert, you only need to unscrew the screw in the plug to replace it.

There is no need to remove all the upper and lower backing plates, which saves time and improves production efficiency.

The Function of Pallet Insert

* Changeable of insert will reduce our mould cost, and also easy to CNC processing and maintain.

* Use the same price to get more types.

* Some big mould is not easy to make, if you use insert, we will settle this problem.

* Play a fixed role to prevent deviation,Increase mold life and improve mold quality

* When heat treatment to prevent thermal stress in bulk handling.

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