The Function of Car Daytime Lights


The Function of Car Daytime Lights

The role of daytime running lights is to make vehicles easier to be recognized when driving during the day. Its function is not to enable the driver to see the road clearly, but to let others know that a car is coming. Therefore, this kind of lamp is not a lighting lamp, but a signal lamp. Data from abroad shows that turning on the daytime running lights while driving can reduce vehicle accidents by 12.4 percent, and at the same time, it can also reduce the probability of death in car accidents by 26.4 percent. In short, the purpose of driving lights during the day is for traffic safety. Therefore, in recent years, many countries have formulated relevant indicators for daytime running lights to ensure that daytime running lights produced and installed can truly ensure safety.

How to turn on car daytime running lights

Daytime running lights generally do not have an independent switch. If it is a post-installation, connect it to the ACC fuse.

Some cars have an option in the trip computer menu to turn off.
  Generally, the key is turned on when the circuit is turned on, and the handbrake is turned off. Most of the lights after the car are installed by themselves, that is because the daytime running light controller has voltage detection, the voltage is 12V~12.5V when it is not started, and the voltage is 13.8~14.3V after starting.
  Turn off the car and go out. Some will go out with a delay of tens of seconds, and some are the original common name: home function. For some cars with the home function, there is an option in the trip computer menu to set the delay time, and you can choose which lights to turn on, such as fog lights, headlights and low beams.
  Generally, the daytime running lights will go out after the wide light is turned on. This is the basic setting of the daytime running lights. Most of the headlights turned on and off were installed by themselves, close to the light.
  The headlights flash when overtaking, and the daytime running lights do not go out because the high beam flashes when overtaking.

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