Hongmei Company Make Home Appliance Injection Mould


Hongmei Company Make Home Appliance Injection Mould

With the Development of the economic, more and more smart home appliance are turn out, they are convenient for our life.

If you have mould project made by Hongmei, we will offer you

* Nice price 

We make home appliance mould for 10+ years in mainland and foreign. Some parts could make together, but some are not. If you want to shut down money and make together, when you mass production,one of the product may have flash.

* Mold Flow

The process is also help our customer to get good mould and reduce the mould making time, mold flow will help us to find some defect, we can revise before make.

* Good CNC Processing

A good mould is not only need the good steel, the CNC processing and assemble is also very important.

No matter you make mass production here or at your side, we make mould with heart, maintain the mould is not easy, so we pay attention to every details to make it including all the spare parts like plastic water tube and water nozzle.

* After sale service

1. 20 years of mold-making experience, good quality, excellent plan

2. Delivery on time, mold assembly with high requirements, guarantee mold details and quality, make mold run more smoothly and higher production efficiency

3. Competitive price

4. Excellent after-sales service, deal with customer problems as soon as possible, customer problems are our problems

5. Professional communication with customers during mold processing

6. We can provide a complete set of injection molding production line (mold + product + injection molding + procurement equipment + procurement auxiliary machine)

7. DFM products and mold flow analysis software before opening

8. Standard mold base, convenient for maintenance and replacement, shortening the time of later maintenance

If you are interested in our home appliance mould, Contact us