Automotive Mold Orders Increase


In 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people's travel is restricted, consumer demand is shrinking, factory production is stagnant, and the global automotive industry chain is affected. my country's automotive industry has overcome many difficulties, resolved unfavorable factors, and took the lead in recovery. In 2021, my country's automobile market will emerge from the trough and achieve positive year-on-year sales growth. The long-term goal for 2035 shows that new energy vehicles will gradually become mainstream products. Hongmei mould are proud to make Automotive parts mould for our clients, provide solution on mould making industrial.

Laurie Harbour, President and CEO of HRI, said: "We know that this year will be a challenge for the automotive mold industry, but we can never predict the impact of the global epidemic on the health of the automotive manufacturing industry."

HRI predicts that automakers will face difficult strategic decisions about where to invest money and what cars to launch. The current forecast for mold spending in 2021 is $7.8 billion, as new electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers enter the market, and existing automakers are also launching new electric vehicles and trucks. However, as the industry rebounds, many planned cars will be at risk.

Harbour said: "Original equipment manufacturers will eliminate those models that are not profitable. What I am worried about is that with battery electric vehicles, many moldmakers will not be able to do so. OEMs are very uncertain and cannot predict that they will When to launch what product."

Harbour suggested that as the mold market shrinks, positioning for the future is important. She said: “Leaders need to promote marginalization and eliminate complacency. Equally important, moldmakers need to continue to make plans to compensate for weaknesses, maximize the use of technology and talent, and control costs.

In recent years, with the development trend of automobile networking and intelligence, the characteristics of high speed and high capacity of 5G communication technology have been integrated with the needs of the automobile industry. Technologies such as Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving have caused major changes in automobile products. So hongmei company will Increase investment in automotive molds to get more convient.