Hongmei ABS High Light Intelligent Toilet Cover Mould


Hongmei ABS High Light Intelligent Toilet Cover Mould

Hongmei Mould has many years of rich experience in plastic injection mould, specializing in the manufacture of high-light intelligent toilet cover mould. Next, we will explain the characteristics of high-light toilet cover mould.

The mould temperature of the high-light toilet cover mould is controlled by the mould temperature machine.Hot runner, solenoid valve and time relay control time - share glue, so as to produce a bright appearance, no shrinkage, no weld mark and other defects of high-end toilet cover products.

The high-light toilet cover mould generally has the following characteristics:

1. The mould forming temperature is high

At higher die temperature, it is beneficial to eliminate weld mark, flow mark, internal stress and other defects.Therefore, the mould needs to be heated during work. In order to prevent heat loss, resin heat insulation board is usually added on the fixed mould side

2. Mould cavity surface is extremely bright

The products produced by the high-gloss mould can be directly used in the machine without any surface treatment. Therefore, it has high requirements for the steel and plastic materials of the mould. 

Toilet Cover Mould Case

toilet cover mould

Mould Name: toilet cover mould 

Product Material: ABS

Mould Steel Material: 2316, 718H

Mould Cavity: 1 cavity    

Injection Moulding Machine Tonnage: 380T

Cycle Period: 50S

Mould Life: 500,000 shots

Delivery Time: quick delivery 35 days, to meet all customized customer requirements


Toilet Cover Mould Processing Video Display 

If you have the project of opening the toilet cover mould, welcome to inquire and cooperate with us. We can also provide you with the solution of the toilet cover mould and the production line service.

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