Plastic Pet Feeder Mold Are More and More Popular


With the rising awareness of animal protection around the world, more and more people are keeping pets as companions, which directly promotes the development of the pet peripheral industry,and more new Plastic Pet Feeder Mold  types come out.

Slow feeder bowls tend to be simple designs that provide just enough of a barrier to slow your pup down. Puzzle feeders are great if your dog gets bored easily, regardless of their behavior at mealtime. By putting them to work for the reward of food, you get the double benefit of slowing them down while also providing a challenge that stimulates their mind.

Instead of having meals in order, most pets devour their meal without chewing and finish with high speed, which may increase the possibility of indigestion and be choked. Here are the advantages of pet feeder:


1. Designed it with shapes as obstacles to increasing the difficulty of eating, which can prolong the mealtime to 3-4 times.

2. The bottom part is made by TPE, which is non-slip and can prevent the split of food.

3. The body is made by PP, it is solid, heat-resisting, safe, non-toxic that owners can use reliably.

4. Appropriate design can prevent pets to get injured during intense eating.

5. Hard to break and easy to clean, a longer useful life.

6. Stackable, help owners to save space.

7. Functional and beautiful, another way to decorate the environment. 

Based on different requirements, feeder bowls are designed diversely. Hongmei Mould company, we have the ability to design Plastic Pet Feeder Mold  for you. With full communication, we can help you to create your own item. Having years of experience in designing all kinds of plastic injection molds, we are able to design the mold with a good inject, eject, and cooling system. Plus the high precise CNC machines, we control the precision of plastic injection mold within 0.01mm to provide high-end quality mold.

Plastic pet feeder mold features

1. Be copper is applied for short cycle time and high efficiency in production. It takes about 13 seconds for one shot.

2. Square locking system is good for stable working of the mold and easier maintenance.

3. European water lines in mold design, which shortens cooling time.

4. We do leakage test, sealing test, and drop test before Plastic Pet Feeder Mold delivery; the bucket is dropped from a 2-meter height.

5. Mold life: 1 million shots before major maintenance.

6. Precision Machining to ensure high production efficiency & fine parting line effect.

The technology of our  Hongmei Mold

1. Mold structure design

Professional designers provide you with reasonably designed mold to shorten cycle hours.

Reducing unnecessary procedures improves efficiency.

2. Mold cooling system

According to the structural characteristics of the product and the appearance of the product, We design a reasonable form of the gate for mold, such as a large gate, hidden gate, fan gate, needle gate, pin point gate, etc., a reasonable channel of runner design make mold temperature balance in the shortest time to improve mold precision and productivity.

3. Accessory for mold

Slide, guide pin, guide sleeve, lifter blocks, and so on are taken by wear-resistant standard parts, to ensure the mold life. 

4. Deal with mold

Quenching the Plastic Pet Feeder Mold , heat treatment to improve the hardness, then Nitriding temperature is lower, the mold will no longer need to quench mold with high surface hardness and wear resistance more than HV850


Q: What kind of information need for Plastic Pet Feeder Mold  quotation?

1. Sample photo with size or 2D/3D design

2. Mould steel type

3. Cavity quantity

4. Life service

5. Runner type

6. Injection machine parameter

Q: What are your terms of packing?

Generally, we pack our goods in wooden case or as required. The mold surface will be painted. Use anti-rust oil inside the mold, plastic film outside, and use standard export wooden case for seaworthy shipping. If you have a legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

Q: How do you make our business a long-term and good relationship?

1. We keep good quality and competitive prices to ensure our customer's benefit.

2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.