What Should We Do Before Home Appliance Mould Delivery?


Home Appliance Mould Delivery

After 60 days CNC processing and manufacturing, Hongmei mould company finished this appliance mould, because all the appliance usually need not only single plastic parts, not like the bowl, the basin etc, it has several parts to assembly.

Some mainland customers will send their other accessories and let us assemble, such as power line, hardware and other parts which is not made of plastic, of course if you are not convenient to China, youd better send all of your accessories and requirements, we can via video to assemble for you.

If you want to product the mould in our company, we are able to protect the mould and improve the mould life and output.

Here we talk about the preparations before delivery the mould.

- Checking before mould delivery

1. After confirming the sample of customer, our manager will inform our team leader to check the mould. Including the 3d mould design, customers requirements and mould trial problem.

2. Our inspector will according the files above to check the mould.

3. If our customer need the water channel drawings and oil channel drawings, we will print for you, of course we could provide mould water transport pictures.

4. After all the detailed checking no question, then we will inform our team leader to packing the mould.

- Mould specification

1. Team leader will fill in the instruction

2. Packing all the mould accessories into a wooden case

3. Prepare mould trial report, mould using instruction, mould temperature control box instruction and quality certification to customer.

- Mould Packing

1. Cleaning the cavity and core, no iron filings

2. Spraying the antirust paint inside and outside

3. Wrapped with the plastic film

4. Putting into a wooden case or wooden pallet