Mould Quality Inspection


Mould manufacture is not only mould design,CNC processing and assembly. A good mould company not only concern on this, they will pay more attention to the detail things like mold flow , mould size check, mould CNC precision, water channel check and mould polish degree.


Not all the injection samples could satisfied with the first time, they usually have many shortage such as: warpage, white hat, shrinkage, burr, clamp water and other undesirable phenomena, we will write down these problem and discuss to settle them.


Here our manager check smart toilet mould work picture, they point to the problem of the sample and make a solution.


Inspection Equipment

1. sliding caliper

2. Multimeter

3. Hardometer

4. Measure tape

5. Micrometer calipers

Appearance Inspection Standards

1. Mould base size should be standard

2. Tidy and smooth of the mould base surface

3. Mould steel must be the same as the contract

Mould Structure

1. Reasonable mould structure

2. The slides must smooth and need heating treatment,there is a oil groove on the slide

3. Lifter, insert and injection pin,bush should be operate smooth.

Cooling System

1. Reasonable cycle cooling system

2. Smooth water channel, no leak water and air

3. The interface size of the water channel should be the same as the drawing

Injection System

1. Locate ring should be suit for the injection machine, main runner size and slope should be design reasonable

2. Feeding method and branch runner should be reasonable position, the gate is easy for falling off

3. Parting Line design reasonable

4. Some mould marked date of day/Month/Year or material or logo

5. Injection Pin should be design suitable

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