Laminated Mould from Hongmei Mould


 Laminated Mould from Hongmei Mould

Laminated mould is a cutting-edge technology in the development of plastic mould today, and Hong Mei mould can manufacture laminated hanger mould, knife fork spoon laminated mould, thin wall fast-food box laminated mould and so on.Hongmei laminated mould for customers to greatly improve the production efficiency and equipment utilization, and can save production costs and human resources.Next, let's talk about the advantages of laminated mould.

thin wall fast-food box laminated mould

Advantages of laminated mould

1) Compared with the conventional die, the clamping force of the laminated die is only increased by 10% ~ 15%, but the output can be increased by 90% ~ 95%;

2) The mould manufacturing requirements are basically the same as the conventional mould, and several pairs of cavities are combined in one mould, so the mould manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened;

3) Using high efficiency laminated injection moulds can double or quadruple the output of ordinary single-layer moulds without the need to invest in additional machinery and equipment.This saves the cost of installing machinery, equipment, expanding the plant and adding labor.

4) the laminated mould can be installed on the injection machine with similar requirements of the single-layer mould, but the output efficiency per unit time is doubled;

5) Save raw materials, easy automation, improve product performance, shorten production cycle.

 spoon laminated mould

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