Fascia Massage Gun Mould
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Fascia Massage Gun Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Fascia Massage Gun Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Please contact us for the latest quotation of Fascia Massage Gun Mould.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Fascia Massage Gun Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Product Parameter

Mould Name

Fascia Massage Gun Mould

Mold Meterial


Mold Base



Cold runner and hot runner

Hot Runner Brand

Chinabrand:HASCO:YUDO and so on

Degsin Software

UG:Aoto CAD and so on

Mold Life

50-500 million Shots/

5-6 years, Even in 10 years in good maintenance

T1 Time

45-60 days


Wooden Case

Plastic Material


Warranty Period

1 year or 1 million shot times(in this period, if the mold have problem, we will offer the parts or service by free, but not include the problems cased by wrong operation)

Mould Precision


Mould Cavity

Single Cavity, Multi-cavity

Gate Type

Pinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.

Mould Surface Treatment

EDM, texture, high gloss polishing

Quality System

ISO 9001,SGS




Made in China






Depends on customer’s requirements

Mold Cooling System

water cooling or Beryllium bronze cooling, etc.

Mold hot treatment

quencher, nitridation, tempering,etc.

Featureand Application

Hongmei Mould Plastic is a famous plastic mold manufacturing enterprise, specializing in the production of various high efficiency, high difficulty, high precision plastic mold enterprises. It is not only a professional plastic mold manufacturer, but also an injection mold factory that provides complete solutions for the plastic molding industry.
Sincere cooperation, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Hongmei Mould Design--- China Excellent Mould Supplier

the core of mold life! Good mold structure design is the premise of a qualified mold manufacturing. Our mold designers and stylists have more than 10 years of professional mold design and manufacturing experience, and can analyze the mold structure and product structure in all aspects (including: mold flow analysis, mold demoulding slope, product surface miniature, gating system design, exhaust system design, cooling system design) The most important and easy problems of these molds will be repeatedly tested during mold structure design.

Customized fine mold structure for customers to meet the module requirements of customers

Mould provides knowledge and experience to share and discuss with customers, puts forward technology forward ideas, participates in customer product design, we will timely pass on product structure design, product mold manufacturability, mold drawings and 3D to customers, give customers a direct view, inform customers about product design opinions, mold manufacturing ideas, and shoulder to shoulder with customers to avoid development risks.

Mould Equipment Show

Sample Room Show

Mould Design Center-Project Management--- China Excellent Mould Supplier

In many stages of project development, project personnel and technical designers discuss design, development and manufacturing in strict accordance with project management methods, in order to provide customers with the most perfect solutions and ensure that the quality of project development exceeds customer requirements.

Hongmei Mould Maintenance--- China Excellent Mould Supplier

Mold maintenance is more important the more times mold repair, the shorter its life; and the better mold maintenance, the longer its service life. Mold maintenance is mainly divided into three            points:                                                                                  
1.Daily maintenance: all kinds of moving parts such as thimble, row position, guide pillar, guide sleeve oil, mold surface cleaning, water drainage, this is the mold production daily maintenance.
2. Regular maintenance: regular maintenance includes cleaning the exhaust groove, adding exhaust gas to the burning black position, and correcting the damaged and worn parts.
3. Appearance maintenance: paint the outside of the die to avoid rusting. When lowering the mold, the fixed and moving mold should be coated with antirust oil. The mold should be closed tightly to prevent dust from entering the cavity.

Hongmei Mould Steel--- China Excellent Mould Supplier

Choose mould steel directly determine the length of mold life! According to the module requirements of the products, we select cost-effective mold materials for each customer. On the premise of meeting the product requirements, we can also reduce unnecessary cost waste for customers.

Why will you choose us choose Hongmei Plastic mould

1.Good quality
2.Punctual delivery time
3.Competitive prices
4.Excellent after-sale service.
5.Professional communication with customers during mould process.
6.We can provide whole set of production line for injection molding.
7.Mold-Flow Analysis Software
We always focus on perfection on quality and services. We would like to supply our best services and our best products to all the customers.
Please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or Messenger any time if you are interested in our company. You are always welcome to visit our company.
Let’s start our cooperation and create mutual benefits for each other soon!

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