Washing Machine Cover Mould
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Washing Machine Cover Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Washing Machine Cover Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Hongmei produce are experienced in making washing machine injection mould, we have business with home appliance company in china which make Washing Machine Cover Mould every year,so if you have design or mould manufacture problem could contact me.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Washing Machine Cover Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Washing Machine Cover Mould

Mould Specifications

Mould Name: Washing Machine Mould

Product Size: 700x400x186mm

Product Description:  washing machine cover

Mould Cavity:  1 cavity

Mould Size:  1150X850X680mm

Suitable Machine:  DKM 550Ton

Mould Main Material:  718H

Mould Injection System:  Anole hot runner 4 tips

Mould Ejection System:  ejector pin

Mould Cycle Time:  72 Seconds

Mould Running:  500K

Delivery Time:  75 working days

Mould Features:  high tooling precision

Mold Design

Hongmei Mould is experts in 3D design, industrial design, mold design, rapid prototyping and implementation of CNC for optimization of production processes, among other services. Micon Mould has a group of experts who work exclusively with each client to establish the best options and specific requirements for each product line, prototype or design you want. The goal of Micon Mould is to provide solutions to industry, helping to effectively reduce costs and optimize all processes.

We have highly skilled software, including the latest tools in CAD-CAM, Unigraphics and Pro / Engineer wildfire, by providing them with simulations and alternatives for the development of alternative products with great practical application for the plastic industry manufacturers.

Through our comprehensive services in Industrial Design, Prototyping, Washing Machine Cover Mould, your company will have the opportunity to obtain maximum performance in less time, for the most economical production of parts or molds and achieve more economic optimization of all absolute production processes.

Hongmei Mould invite them reach new levels of profitability and productivity. Email us or contact us to find the ideal solution in mechanical design for industry for all their CNC machines.

Hongmei Mould Steel Supply

Mostly we suggest our customers choose 718+ steel, good steel could make peferfect mould, including all the mould spares, such as water pipe, faucet, and bush etc.

Mould steel requirements

Washing Machine Cover Mould has high requirements for steel. Whether the steel is properly selected has a great influence on the mold’s service life, processability, and precision.

The requirements vary depending on the structure of the mould, the service life of the mould, the plastic used for moulding, and the performance, appearance, and dimensional accuracy of the moulded product.

Mould steel should possess qualities or attributes relevant to the intended application.

For general purpose moulding applications, the principal steel attributes are listed and explained below.

(a) High core strength
As a result of the service conditions encountered during injection moulding, i.e., relatively high compressive cyclic loadings, the material core strength is relevant to the mould designer.

The material must be able to withstand high compressive loads without cracking or splitting.

(b) Good wear resistance
Washing Machine Cover Mould tools are subject to considerable wear from many sources, which include:

(i) the polymer itself;
(ii) the mould ejection system;
(iii) the wearing action of shut-off faces;
(iv) abuse during cycling and shut shots.

Mold Flow

Flow analysis includes the filling and packing stages of the injection moulding process. 

These stages produce some of the most important results for evaluating a product design for injection moulding manufacturing.

Warpage results can be used to identify areas of excessive warpage and shrinkage, referencing product drawings and tolerances, it is possible to take point to point measurements from the analysis results to ensure the critical dimensions will be within tolerance after moulding.

Fill time: velocity profiles and shot size (machine specific)

Freeze time: time to freeze the runner, gate and part

Pack time & pressure: packing phase profiles (machine specific)

Venting requirements

Weld line locations

Volumetric shrinkage: shrinkage values for various part geometries

Shear rate: shear rates generated during filling and packing

Pressure at V/P change over

Injection pressure: pressure rates experienced during filling and packing

Reports and results can be tailored to specific requests for part troubleshooting.

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