PP Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould
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PP Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould

Cheap Toilet Water Tank Plastic Injection Mold For Sale Please Concern About Hongmei Mould Company,We Always Design Some New Drawings For Our Costomers.Hongmei PP Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould will have benefit to you.

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Product Description

PP Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould


Mould Steel: 718

Mould Plate: C50 with thermal refining

Cavity: Single cavity

Runner: Hot runner (1 tip)

Part Weight:917g

Time for 1 shot: 30S

Ejector System: Angle ejector pin side core pulling mechanism+ 4 latch inside

Water Cycle System: Core adopt cooled partition 

Injection Machine: 200T

Software: UG design 

Lead Time: 50 days

Package: Plastic Film + Wooden case

Toilet Mould CNC Processing

Good Surface of Toilet 

Good surface of toilet must have good performance of toilet water tank mould. so what factors affect mould performance?

* Steel Type and Quality
The steel type and quality is the most important thing for Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould. It is the beginning and base for everything. So choose the right steel material is very important. There are many types for mould steel. Such as the D3, A2, O2, D2 tool steel of cold rolled steel; H11, 1.2344,H13 tool steel of hot rolled steel and more. And maybe you need to focus on the points below to choose the right one.

The demand for material for injection molding is that different plastic needs to pair up with different steel materials. And it also has the demand for corrosion resistance and polishing.
If the steel function is enough, then it is the best. Pay a lot of money to get much high steel performance is not necessary.
Surface treatment also is very important. Nitrogen treatment can make the steel surface hardness get higher and make its surface life get longer. And electroplating can change the performance of mold steel. Some plastic need high luminance and corrosion-resistant, then we can use electroplating to raise and change the performance of steel.

* Structure Design
Good structure design not just consider the product material property: shrinkage ratio, the temperature of forming and more. But also need to think of the water part of the cooling. Great structure design can enhance the Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould work time and maintain it can successfully produce products. That is huge for raising efficiency and cut down the cost.

* Mold Assembly
The mould is just like assembling a machine. Every part and every screw must not go wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious. May cause product defects, affect production, and even completely damage the mould, resulting in scrap. So the assembly work must be very detailed. During the assembly process, pay special attention to the cleaning of the mold, especially the water channels and screw holes. Be sure to blow off the iron filings inside.

* Mould Cooling
Anyone with years of mould experience knows how important cooling is to mould. Due to the increase in prices and human wages, when producing products in large quantities, the profit brought by reducing the injection cycle by one second is unimaginable. However, when the production cycle is accelerated, the temperature of the mould will rise. If it is not effectively controlled, it will cause the mold to be too hot to form, and even cause the mould to deform and fail. Therefore, good cooling system design is particularly important, including the density, diameter, and interconnection of water channels.

* Mould Maintenance
Mould maintenance is mainly maintenance and maintenance during production. Moulds are like cars. If it is not used for a long time without maintenance, it may be scrapped and die. Therefore, after each use of the mould, comprehensive maintenance is required, especially the rust prevention of the molding part, and the rust prevention of the main moving parts. Because the mold needs to receive water during the production process, the mould may be filled with water during the installation or disassembly process, so it is necessary to ensure that the mould is dry before applying a layer of oil to protect it.
The plastic mould building is very complicated. So many details need to work together. From design, machining, assembling, test and fix then finally go into the service. A lot of factors will affect the quality and performance of mould. We need to truly understand it to make the mould building get better.

Ribs of Toilet Water Tank Mould

Ribs offer a method to economically increase stiffness and durability in casted components with no increasing overall wall size. Different utilizes for ribs consist of:
1. Locating and captivating parts relating to an assemblage;
2.Providing positioning in mating components;
3.Serving as stops function or directions for mechanisms.

From the picture, we can see from it clearly. If the product need ribs or not, it according to this product thin wall and size.

PP Material or ABS Material, Which Better?

PP: Polypropylene belongs to the group of polyolefins and is partially crystalline and non-polar. Its properties are similar to polyethylene, but it is slightly harder and more heat resistant. It is a white, mechanically rugged material and has a high chemical resistance.

ABS: ABS  is a common thermoplastic polymer typically used for injection molding applications. This engineering plastic is popular due to its low production cost and the ease with which the material is machined by plastic manufacturers. 

So we choose PP material for making the toilet water tank and cover, we choose ABS material for the toilet seat cover.

Why choose us?

We are professional and experienced in plastic Toilet Water Tank Injection Mould make and manufacturing solutions. We are not only a mould supplier, but also a technology provider for optimizing quality, cost and product performance.

—We can provide you the best price. We have a strong network of manufacturer and material provider. For every product, we will choose the appropriate suppliers to meet the customer’s expectation at the lowest cost.

—Great communication. We are influent in English; we communicate with customers in business and technical issues efficiently.

—Quality ensured. We will pre-define quality requirements before the work get started. Qualified QC personnel will be on site checking quality during the manufacturing processes and before shipment.

—Warranty provided: if there are quality issues, we send replacement to the customer at the first time.

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