Plastic Tool Box Mould
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Plastic Tool Box Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Tool Box Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.A tool box for accessories, a tool chest for larger tools sets, a truck box for hauling equipment, or a mobile workbench for your garage,we could make all kinds of Plastic Tool Box Mould.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Tool Box Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Plastic Tool Box Mould

Mould Material:P20 28-32HRC

Mould Base:45#

Mould Runner:Cold Runner

Ejector System:Stripper Plate


Cooling System:Circulating cooling water

Cycle Time:52s

Injection Machine:800Ton

Drop Type:Automatically

Delivery Time:45 days

Package:Wooden case

Box Design Attention

    1. thickness is even,enough draft angel.

    2. Smooth and avoid sharp corners.

     3.Mould gate:the runner as good as big and short, choose gate location should according to the process of shrinkage condensation,it is necessary to add a cold material well sometime.

     4. Plastic Tool Box Mould surface tidy and clean, roughness less than 0.8.

     5.Enough vent hole and groove to release the air and gas.

     6.Except PET material,the thickness should not less than 1mm.

Mould Test

There are the following types of gates

(1) Straight gate
Straight gate is also called center gate. This gate has low flow resistance and fast feeding speed. It is commonly used in single-cavity molds to form large and deep plastic parts. It is suitable for all kinds of plastics, especially those with high viscosity and poor fluidity, such as PC, PSF, etc.
When forming shallow and flat plastic parts with straight gates, bending and warping will occur. At the same time, it is inconvenient to remove the gates, and there are obvious gate marks. Sometimes due to the concentration of heat at the gate, the cavity is sealed late, and the internal stress is large. Become the source of cracks, so the gate should be as small as possible when designing. When forming thin-walled plastic parts, the diameter of the root of the gate is at most 2 times the wall thickness of the plastic part.

(2) Side gate
Side gate is also called edge gate. Its cross-section is rectangular. It is generally opened on the parting surface and fed from the side of the plastic part. The gate position can be selected reasonably according to the needs. It is especially suitable for one mold with multiple cavities. As shown in Figure 10-12, generally take the width B=1.5 mm~5 mm, the thickness h=0.5 mm~2 mm (also can take the wall thickness of the plastic part 1/3~2/3), and the length L=0.7 mm~ 2 mm.

(3) Point gate
Point gate, also known as pin point gate, is a gate with a small size, as shown in Figure 10-14. The plastic melt passes through it with a high shear rate. It is widely used in various shell-shaped plastic parts. When the mold is opened, the gate can be broken by itself.
The junction between the gate and the plastic part can be designed to have a small boss in order to prevent damage to the plastic part when the point gate is broken.
The point gate has a small cross-sectional area and fast condensation, which is not conducive to feeding. It is not suitable for thicker plastic parts.

(4) Latent gate
Also known as shear gate, it is evolved from point gate, point gate is used for three-plate mold, and latent gate is used for two-plate mold, thus simplifying the mold structure. The latent gate is set in the hidden part inside or outside of the plastic part, which does not affect the appearance of the plastic part. The gate is cut when the plastic part is pushed out, but a strong thrust is required, which is not suitable for strong plastics.

Plastic Tool Box Mould we choose big gate with hot runner, single cavity.

Package & Delivery

Step1: Mould wrapped with preservative film to avoid from rust.

Step2:Putting Plastic Tool Box Mould and accessories into wooden case.

Step3:Cover the lid and stick the mark for delivery.

Hongmei Mould Advantage

* Time: Mould making time is according to your mould size and complex or not. But we never delivery mould with delay unless the customer's change. And we have CNC machine and engraving machine in house.

* Service: Designer: 5 people 

               Worker:20 people

               Mould testing People:2 people

               Sales:7 people

               Quality checking:1 person

So no matter which parts have problem, we could solve it in time.

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