Plastic Soap Case Injetcion Mould
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Plastic Soap Case Injetcion Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Soap Case Injetcion Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Plastic Soap Case Injetcion Mould could according to your injection machine size and anunual output to choose 2 cavitise /4 cavities/ 6 cavities.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Soap Case Injetcion Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Plastic Soap Case Injetcion Mould

Mould Description

Mould Steel:P20

Mould Plate: C45

Cavity: 2 cavities

Hardtreatment: Surface nitriding

Runner: Cold runner

Ejector System:Ejector pin

Cooling System: Recycle water 

Finish Time: 45 days

Mould life: 300,000shots

What Factors Affect Mold Performance?
The Plastic Soap Case Injection Mould building is very complicated. So many details need to work together. From design, machining, assembling, test and fix then finally go into the service. A lot of factors will affect the quality and performance of mold. We need to truly understand it to make the mold building get better.
Steel Type and Quality
The steel type and quality is the most important thing for Plastic Soap Case Injection Mould . It is the beginning and base for everything. So choose the right steel material is very important. There are many types for mold steel. Such as the D3, A2, O2, D2 tool steel of cold rolled steel; H11, 1.2344,H13 tool steel of hot rolled steel and more. And maybe you need to focus on the points below to choose the right one.
The demand for material for injection molding is that different plastic needs to pair up with different steel materials. And it also has the demand for corrosion resistance and polishing.
If the steel function is enough, then it is the best. Pay a lot of money to get much high steel performance is not necessary.
Surface treatment also is very important. Nitrogen treatment can make the steel surface hardness get higher and make its surface life get longer. And electroplating can change the performance of mold steel. Some plastic need high luminance and corrosion-resistant, then we can use electroplating to raise and change the performance of steel.
* Structure Design
Good structure design not just consider the product material property: shrinkage ratio, the temperature of forming and more. But also need to think of the water part of the cooling. Great structure design can enhance the Plastic Soap Case Injection Mould work time and maintain it can successfully produce products. That is huge for raising efficiency and cut down the cost.

* Mold Craftmanship
We all need good mold craftmanship to make it great. Great craftmanship can cut down the cost and working time efficaciously. If there are mistakes, it will cause the mold to become soldering. By the way, worse processing will influence the function of mold, decrease the life of mold, even it will get hurt and breakage in the processing of injection molding.
* Polishing
The polishing is the final part of mold production. Polishing also helps and complement the Plastic Soap Case Injection Mould action, especially for mold release. Lots of the production of some molds are not smooth because the lighting is not in place, the resistance is too large, the demolding is difficult, and even the top is white and the top is cracked.
* Mold Assembly
The mold is just like assembling a machine. Every part and every screw must not go wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious. May cause product defects, affect production, and even completely damage the mold, resulting in scrap. So the assembly work must be very detailed. During the assembly process, pay special attention to the cleaning of the mold, especially the water channels and screw holes. Be sure to blow off the iron filings inside.
* Mold Cooling
Anyone with years of mold experience knows how important cooling is to Plastic Soap Case Injection Mould . Due to the increase in prices and human wages, when producing products in large quantities, the profit brought by reducing the injection cycle by one second is unimaginable. However, when the production cycle is accelerated, the temperature of the mold will rise. If it is not effectively controlled, it will cause the mold to be too hot to form, and even cause the mold to deform and fail. Therefore, good cooling system design is particularly important, including the density, diameter, and interconnection of water channels.
* Mold Maintenance
Mold maintenance is mainly maintenance and maintenance during production. Molds are like cars. If it is not used for a long time without maintenance, it may be scrapped and die. Therefore, after each use of the mold, comprehensive maintenance is required, especially the rust prevention of the molding part, and the rust prevention of the main moving parts. Because the mold needs to receive water during the production process, the mold may be filled with water during the installation or disassembly process, so it is necessary to ensure that the mold is dry before applying a layer of oil to protect it.
 These details we need to focus on it and do it in the right way to make sure to produce a good mold to create a good product line.
*Mold Packing

Before Delivery, we will spray the Plastic Soap Case Injection Mould with color, green, red, yellow, blue and so on, customers could according to your requirement to choose your color. and we know some place is not suit for painting, so before we spray , we will ask your opinion.

We usually packing with wooden pallet or wooden case, and use wire rope to reinforce the box.

The definition of runnerless moulding is employed to explain any kind of mould tool in which a traditional
cold runner and sprue will not be generated :
Sprueless moulding

Insulated runner systems
Hot runner systems
Sprueless Moulding
There are 2 major categories for sprueless moulding:
Fundamental antechamber designs
Heated up hot sprue bushes or nozzles
Basic Antechamber Type

Sprueless moulding is frequently used for fast-cycling one cavity tools making
thin wall components in non -heat-sensitive materials just like PE, PP an d PS.
This technique normally is made up of particularly formed machine nozzle. which can be designed to
accommodate with a recessed characteristic inside the mould tool. The most basic designs combine an
antechamber characteristic. using this type of layout , a thin skin of cooler material insulates a
melted central core between the nozzle and gate.
Figure  demonstrates 3 standard types of antechamber type nozzle. The design and style demonstrated in following
Figure  has the advantage that if the melt inside the nozzle stiffens to a cold slug, the
undercut form on the nozzle enable s quick drawback from the tool. Figure (c) demonstrates
an antechamber feed system without having a cold slug well.
This method could also be used for bigger mouldings running on a single -impression
basis in which maximum control and quality are needed.
2.Sprueless moulding options can also be utilized for much more heat-sensitive materials. In
these kinds of situations it’s preferable to prolong the nozzle with regards to the gate , as in Figures 2. and


3. The serrated undercut on the nozzle in Figure  normally takes the type of a

screw thread. T his enables the cold plug to be merely unscrewed following the cylinder is
took back from the tool.
Aside from the apparent conserving in eliminating the sprue, prolonged nozzles are employed in
three-plate or rnulr ipla re designs to reduce the opening stroke. Considering that no sprue is molded,

the opening required to allow the runner (if any) to be removed is much less.

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