Plastic Paint Pail Mould
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Plastic Paint Pail Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Paint Pail Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.We are a professional China Plastic Paint Pail Mould manufacturer, if you want to know more, you can contact us.
From 1L , 2L ,4L ,5L up to 10L, 15L,20L , Hongmei has long term experience in plastic painting bucket mould and paint bucket drop test analysis. In the past years, we gained a lot of great experience in how the improve the plastic painting bucket mould pass the drop test, and meet the best water proof standard.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Paint Pail Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Mold Specifications


Mold Name:Plastic Paint Pail Mould


Product material:HDPE


Hot runner:1 point hot runner


Cavity steel:DIN 1.2738+ Beryllium Copper


Mold core steel:DIN 1.2311+Beryllium Copper


Mold base: LKM


Plastic material:HDPE


Cycle time:30 Secs(High speed injection machine)


Ejection:Air Poppet Valve


Mold life span:1 million


Delivery time:45 days

Important Points On Plastic Paint Pail Mould


1.The bucket and lid must be well assembled, otherwise the lid will fall separately after leaking the paint;


2.The wall thickness of the bucket should be reasonable, and some people always want to reduce the thickness of bucket to reduce cost. This quality is difficult to guarantee, and a reasonable thickness can guarantee quality while saving costs.


3.Material selection:This is very important, people usually use high-density polyethylene or polypropylene materials to produce buckets, but there are many kinds of materials. It is better to choose a higherhardness and better cold resistance. Made of a material with a low deformation temperature because it provides better impact resistance.

Design Both For Product &. Mold


There's never a one-size fits for all project. For each project whether you send us a sample or a 2D file, we always work with you to make improvement for all technical drawings including 2D files, 3D files of the product. You can start from sharing important details about your project, then our designers will run analysis on your product design and make adjustments accordingly.


Mold flow analysis is a consultative session. It involves the project manager reviewing the clients brief using MoldFlow software alongside other experts like the injection mold designer and production engineers. During these sessions, the team would evaluate crucial design factors such as mold precision, draft angle, and cycle times. Every department gives its input and recommends modifications if necessary. We have incorporated this step because an uncoordinated design approach results in costly errors and delays.


Hongmei Mould is committed to providing you with wholesome injection molding solutions. This is why we analyze your injection molding project in its entirety; from the part design to anticipated production processes. Our goal is to ensure that we not only deliver a suitable mold but that it is viable and optimized for your project. Our design experts may offer advice on part design, material choice, or whether the part is properly designed for manufacturability. 

Hongmei  Mould Company Service


1)Order following


Please submit your order/contact number for reference for Hongmei company processing department. We will send you the progressing report or photos within 2 hours.




We offer our customer service of making prototype design and prototype development. Normally, a simple prototype developing takes 7 working days. It will help our customer that is in new product development, and save cost for them in new projects. For more information, please contact our sales dept. by email or tel.


3)Product design &. New idea development


Hongmei have 4 design engineers who are product design and design improvement. It helps hundreds of our customers in new product development. Hongmei Mould Technology offer engineering &. Technical training for our customers.


4)Vedio from Hongmei project Dept.


We stocked all your moulds running videos for 1 years. We can send you video for inspectio0n of mould running or study mould operation before mould shipment. It saved your time and helps you in a staff traning.


5)Spare parts.


Hongmei offer our customer after-sale service of prompt delivery of spare parts. We protect all the drawings for spare parts for customer use, and offer quantity of spare parts on quotation. For stabdard spare parts, you can refer to our list and also can purchase in your market.

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