Plastic Mop Barrel Mould
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Plastic Mop Barrel Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Mop Barrel Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Plastic Mop Barrel Mould are update quickly, every year hongmei will make many sets of new design plastic mop barrel mould,and the function are more and more wonderful.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Mop Barrel Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Plastic Mop Barrel Mould

Mould Steel: 718H

Mould Plate: Standard 

Runner: Hot runner

Point: 1 tip

Cavity: single

Design Software:UG

Cycle Time:26s

Injection machine:280T

Hongmei Mould Co.,ltd is professional in making Plastic Mop Barrel Mould, include 5 liter, 10 liter, 15 liter, 20 liter, 25 liter... Our company has made plastic moulds for many years from 2014, we can provide you the customized mould according to your requirements.We can make mould according to your original samples or your drawings, and we also can provide you mature product and mould design with perfect injection system, ejection system, cooling system etc. Mould runner can use cold runner or hot runner according to your requirement. For the mould cooling lines, it will be designed with more cooling lines and they will be closed to the mould core and cavity surface for better cooling. Plastic water bucket moulds are designed with strong mould base, so moulds can run longer than warranty mould life under good maintenance. Our company will offer your good after-sales service, during the warranty mould life, if any mould parts damaged due to the quality problems, we can offer you free spare parts.

Our company will offer you the high quality plastic bucket moulds with competitive price. For different size water bucket products, we will recommend the mould cavity accordingly according to your machine and your other requirements. During design, We use design software such as UG, CAD, etc to offer your the design for checking. Plastic water bucket mould will be designed with stripper and air blowing for mould ejection. Mould will be run smooth on your machine, because mould will be designed to fit with your injection molding machine. We have delivered moulds to all over the world, such as Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, Algeria etc. If you need plastic water bucket mould or other injection moulds, pls feel free to contact us for the best solution.

Mold material for plastic mop barrel mould

* Abrasion Resistance

Consider how long a Plastic Mop Barrel Mould will last or if parts will accurately maintain their dimensions depending on production quantity.


Consider how much a mold should be polished for the desired part finish.

* Machinability

Use a solid material that can process mold or parts well.

* Heat Treatability

Use a material that can be processed evenly by heat treatment.

* Durability

Use a material that is durable against pulling stress, compression stress, or bend stress during the molding process.

* Heat Conductivity

Use a material whose temperature can be easily controlled while cooling the mold.

Delivery / Cost

Use a low-cost material that is easy to get in the market as well as delivered securely and immediately.

How to test the plastic mop bucket injection mold?

1. Preparation

* Prepare Plastic Mop Barrel Mould

We need to check the mold before assembling it into the injection machine. Mold needs clean carefully, assembly status. Does each party have a crack, bite? Do we assemble an ejector pin or angular core pin mistake?

* Prepare plastic material

We need dry material to remove moisture. Dry time is different for each material.

* You need to calculate material weight following the quantity of the product.

* Prepare cooling channel, jig, insert.

2. Set up

* Assemble Plastic Mop Barrel Mould into the injection machine, cooling system, set temperature for the core plate and cavity plate. Then, configure the ejection system of the mold, mold opening distance in the injection machine.

* Prepare working area, worker, equipment, robot to do injection molding process automatically.

* Connect resin from dry system to feeder hopper of the injection machine.

* Remove old resin in the nozzle.

*Setup injection condition follows the working manually.

3. Plastic injection molding

* Clamping process

* Injection process

* Cooling process

* Plasticizing resin

* Mold opening and remove the product

* Checking the samples

Control the size precisely, make self-inspection on each tooling spare parts in according to the requirements of drawing size and tolerance limits control. Only pass the inspection, can the spare parts delivered to the next working step. It is not allowed to make previous wrong work pieces inflow to the next tooling steps. For CNC milling, it needs strict auditing for procedures before tooling. After tooling, we will check up and control the precision by 3D coordinate measures. We have many measures: professional tooling technology training and machine maintenance; self-inspection of tooling workpiece and acceptance check made by quality department; rational work shifts system and tooling control system.

Quality inspection of plastic moulds installation:
Make complete inspection on Plastic Moulds to ensure the structure consistence and spare parts standardized. Project manager and QC people should all take part in Plastic Moulds inspection under the company standard, and make sure the product quality. If mistakes are found, they can be corrected promptly. It also can prevent mistakes. In addition, we will simultaneously do independent standardization test on Plastic Moulds cooling system, Plastic Moulds hydraulic oil channel system and hot runner system.

Acceptance inspection on sample dimensions and plastic moulds size:
QC department should make product inspection and submit the test report within 24hours after Plastic Moulds testing. Report should include full range test and analysis on product size, appearance, injection techniques and Physical Parameter. We use different inspection standard and tool for different products. In our labs, we do different test on high pressure injection, high speed injection, long time automatic running testing, and so on. QC department gives suggestions on the amendment and improvement for rejected product. We have accumulated abundant experience, which applies in Plastic Moulds production and offer good solutions for more and more customers. Along with our continuous improvement on equipments and measuring and test instruments, our product inspection tends to be more professional.

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