Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould
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Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould

To convenient for our human life,more and more small smart device turn out,if you have ideas, we can help you make the product shell mould, catch the opportunity to get the benefit.Here we introduce the Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould.

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Product Description

Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould

Mould Steel: H13

Mould Base: P20

Heat treatment: nitride

Cavity: single cavity

Runner: cold runner

Cycle Time: 33s

Surface treatment: polish

Mould life: 500000 shots

Package: wooden case

Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould design

Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould design we pay attention to the technical requirements of plastic parts are that there must be no defects such as piercing, injection molding, flow lines, pores, warpage deformation, silver streaks, cold materials, jet lines, etc.

The average thickness of the plastic part is 1.80 mm, the material of the plastic part is ABS, the shrinkage rate is 1.004, and the weight of the plastic part is 16.56 grams.

How to Choose Hot Runner or Cold Runner of Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould?

Hot Runner Advantage:

1. Shorten the forming cycle time, some thin wall plastic parts could injection within 5 seconds.

2. No water plastic material, it has big means to those high price material.

3. The sprue quality of hot runner forming parts is good, the residual stress after demoulding is low, the deformation of parts is small, so less defective products than cold runner.

4. No need cut the gate and treatment, improve the production efficiency .

Cold Runner Advantage:

1. Mold cost is lower than hot runner, it is important.

2. Mold maintain is cheap

So we could according to our situation to choose hot runner or cold runner, it main according to you output total and mold structure, and material cost.

Mold Accessories

Single shoot, double shoot, double shoot, flat shoot, positioning column,plastic mold guide sleeve, straight sleeve, middle column sleeve, plastic mold guide sleeve, straight sleeve, middle bracket sleeve, positioning column, square type auxiliary device, three-dimensional positioning block guide auxiliary device, A, B, C type nozzle, fixed ring A, B type, standard mechanical switch.

How to Deal With Plastic loudspeaker box shell mouldRusty?

1. When the injection molding has stopped, wipe the plastic mold

2. When stopping molding for a long time, rust inhibitor should be sprayed in the mold cavity. It should be noted that before spraying, the mold cavity must be wiped clean until there is no rust spot.

What is Plastic loudspeaker box shell mould Exhaust System?

1) Where is the air come from?

a. There is air in injection system and mold cavity

b. Some raw material still have water, they will turn into vapour.

c. Some additive volatilize or gas formed by chemical reactions with each other

2) The harm of poor venting

a. In the process of injection molding, melt will replace the gas in the cavity, if the gas could not discharge, the parts will be incomplete and other defects.

b. Because the gas is highly compressed, the temperature in the cavity rises sharply, the the parts may burn. It mainly occurs at the confluence of two strands of melt,dead angle and gate flange.

c. The elimination of gas is not smooth, so that the melt velocity into each cavity is different, therefore, easy to form flow marks and fusion marks, and reduce the mechanical properties of plastic parts

d. Due to the gas obstruction in the cavity, the filling speed will be reduced, the molding cycle will be affected, and the production efficiency will be reduced

Vent Hole Solution:

Open exhaust groove, thimble exhaust, insert exhaust, insert exhaust.

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