Plastic Juicer Shell Mould
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Plastic Juicer Shell Mould

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To build a good figure,many people will make a cup of juice by themselves instead of milk tea, it is healthy and Nutritious, so it is good for you to make a new design juicer shell mould 2021 hot sale.

Model:HM-03 Plastic Juicer Shell Mould

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Product Description

Plastic Juicer Shell Mould Information

Juicer Base Material:ABS

Juicer Cup Material:AS

Mould Steel:P20

Mould Plate:C45

Moving Parts: P20 heating treatment

Injection Method: Ejector plate

Cooling System:High quality water cycle

Mould Cavity: accessories: 1+1+1


Runner: Cold runner

Surface Treatment: Polish

Delivery Time: 50 Days

Mould Life:500,000shots

Mould Size: 420*450*390mm

Injection Machine:200T


Juicer Shell Mould Design

Hongmei have 5 excellent product and mould designer, they have 10+ experience and skilled in drawing mould cooling system and ejector system.

About this Juice shell mould, the designer suggest 2 sizes slides, adopt the design structure of the front mold elastic row position, and the ejector system choose ejector plate pushed by oil cylinder. This mould structure is very available and suitable.

There still have a very important case about small home appliance mould,which is every part assemble, so we design this type mould must pay attention the art line, the part line design need accordin to this art line, and use the precision machining to get the beautiful surface.

Hot Runner or Cold Runner?

Most parts could choose hot runner to make also could choose cold runner.

How could we choose the runner system for juicer cup shell mould?

* According to your budget: cold runner price is lower than hot runner

* According to parts feature: Surface parts could choose hot runner, and inside spares we could choose cold runner

* According to mould maintain:cold runner repair is easier than hot runner, and cost lower

* According to the material price: if the raw material price is very high, hot runner do not have long gate, so it will help us reduce the material

To Choose a Suitable Gate is Important to Plastic Juicer Shell Mould

Home Appliance products need smooth and tidy surface, so mould design is very important, including the gate design.

1.Requirements to be met by the gate location
-Appearance requirements (gate marks, weld lines)
-Product function requirements
-Mold processing requirements
-Warpage of the product
-The gate volume is not easy to remove
-The molding process is easy to control

2.Impact on production and function
The flow length determines the injection pressure, clamping force, and the shortening of the full flow length when the product is not filled can reduce the injection pressure and clamping force.
The gate position will affect the holding pressure, the size of the holding pressure, and whether the holding pressure is balanced. Keep the gate away from the product's stressed position (such as the bearing) to avoid residual stress. The gate position must consider exhaust to avoid wind accumulation. If it happens, do not place the gate on the weaker or embedded part of the product to avoid misalignment.

What is AS Material?

Styrene acrylonitrile resin is a copolymer plastic consisting of styrene and acrylonitrile. It is also known as SAN. It is widely used in place of polystyrene owing to its greater thermal resistance. The chains of between 70 and 80% by weight styrene and 20 to 30% acrylonitrile.Larger acrylonitrile content improves mechanical properties and chemical resistance, but also adds a yellow tint to the normally transparent plastic.


What is AS Material Uses?

Uses include food containers, water bottles, kitchenware, computer products, packaging material, battery cases and plastic optical fibers.


Juicer Shell Mould Processing

Injection molding is a manufacturing method that manufactures parts by injecting material into a mold. The main method of processing plastics is injection molding. In this process, the plastic is placed in the hopper, and then the hopper heats and injects the plastic, which is pushed through a long chamber and a reciprocating screw. After that, it is softened into a fluid state. The nozzle is located at the end of the cavity, and the fluid plastic is forced to cool through the nozzle, closing the mold. When the plastic cools and solidifies, the semi-finished product exits the press.

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