Plastic Household Atomizer Shell Injection Mould
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Plastic Household Atomizer Shell Injection Mould

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A nebulizer is a piece of medical equipment that a person with asthma or another respiratory condition can use to administer medication directly and quickly to the lungs.Therefore, the atomizer is required to have stable spray, small and uniform droplets and high atomization efficiency.

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Product Description

Plastic Household Atomizer Shell Injection Mould

Mould Introduction:

Mould Steel: 718H

Mould Plate:S50c

Mould Treatment:Surface nitriding

Runner: Hot Runner

Cavity: according to product design

Brand: Yudo

Gate: Pin point feeding

Delivery Time: 45 days

Warranty period: 1year

Nebulizer Function

A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a very fine mist that a person can inhale through a face mask or mouthpiece. Taking medicine this way allows it to go straight into the lungs and the respiratory system where it is needed.

Who needs a nebulizer?

Doctors typically prescribe nebulizers to people with one of the following lung disorders:

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
cystic fibrosis
Sometimes, a doctor will prescribe a nebulizer for a child who has a respiratory infection, such as bronchiolitis.

How to use a nebulizer
Before a person starts taking medicine with a nebulizer, a doctor or nurse will explain how the nebulizer works and answer any questions.

If a person receives their nebulizer from a pharmacy or medical equipment company, someone there will explain how to use it.

Each nebulizing machine operates a little differently. It is crucial to read the instructions for the particular device that the doctor has prescribed.

In general, a nebulizer is very easy to use, with only a few basic steps:

Wash the hands.
Add the medicine to the medicine cup, according to the doctor’s prescription.
Assemble the top piece, tubing, mask, and mouthpiece.
Attach the tubing to the machine, according to the instructions.
Turn the nebulizer on; they can be battery- or electrically powered.
While using the nebulizer, hold the mouthpiece and medicine cup upright to help deliver all the medication.
Take slow, deep breaths through the mouthpiece and inhale all the medicine.
Please speak with the doctor or call the manufacturer with any questions or concerns about the device.

Plastic nebulizer mould heat treatment

1) There is severe network carbide segregation in the mould material.

2) There is mechanical processing or cold plastic stress in the nebulizer mould.

3) Improper heat treatment operation of the mould (heating or cooling too fast, improper quenching medium selection, cooling temperature too low, cooling time too long, etc.)

4) The shape of the mold is complex, the thickness is uneven, with sharp corners and thin threaded holes, etc., so that the thermal stress and tissue stress remain too large.

5) If the heating temperature is too high during the quenching process of the plastic nebulizer mould, it will cause overheating or overburning.

6) After the mould is quenched, the tempering is not timely or the tempering holding time is insufficient.

7) When the mould is reworked and quenched, it is heated and quenched again without intermediate annealing.

8) If the mould is heat-treated, the grinding process is improper.

9) During EDM after heat treatment of the plastic nebulizer mould, high tensile stress and micro cracks exist in the hardened layer.

Hot runner system in the plastic nebulizer mould

For plastic nebulizer shell mould, we pay more attention to the mold cooling system design. A good plastic filling system requires a special hot runner system to assist with molding to ensure optimal cooling. In order to produce a durable nebulizer mould, the cooling water path on the largest forming surface of the mold must be optimized, and the tempered steel must be used with an excellent cooling water circuit design.

How to determine the injection machine?

Successful injection nebulizer moulding depends on the ability of the machine to operate under the correct conditions of pressure,temperature, and speed of operation for the component being moulded and the material being used. It also depends on the ability to control the conditions of operation within close limits for long periods and on the exact repetition of the cycle of operations many thousands, perhaps millions,of times.

These requirements can be considered first in terms of whether the machine is basically suited to the job, and then as to whether it can be controlled to the limits required.
Determination of whether the machine is capable of meeting the demands to be made upon it can be a matter of trial and error,but if some fairly straightforward calculations are made it is often possible to decide on the feasibility of a job without going any further.

Some assumptions need to be made and accepted because a full mathematical analysis of the injection nebulizer moulding process is extremely complex and is not the kind of exercise which the average practical moulder would wish to undertake. If the assumptions are accepted, it becomes possible to arrive at simple mathematical approximations which will give results close enough for the purpose required. The type of information needed is:

(a) What injection rate is required for satisfactory mould filling? In other words,how long is the injection time to be?
(b) Assuming the injection rate in (a),what will be the pressure requirements?
(c) With the pressure requirements of (b) and the injection rate of (a),what amount of hydraulic fluid will be required for actuating the machine, and how big a pump motor will be required to give the rate of flow at the pressure needed ?
Having decided on these matters,the question as to whether the machine can be controlled accurately over the required number of cycles and at the desired rate becomes a matter of machine mechanics.

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