Plastic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Shell Mould
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Plastic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Shell Mould

Hongmei mould company focus on making home appliance mould,such as Plastic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Shell Mould, Smart Toilet Cover mould, Washing Machine injection mould.

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Product Description

Plastic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Shell Mould


Mould steel: H13

Mould base:45#

Runner: hot runner

Cavity: 1+1+1

Ejector system: Automatic


Quality Period: 1 Year

Basics of Plastic Injection Molding Design

Our basic guidelines for plastic injection molding include important design considerations to help improve part moldability, enhance cosmetic appearance, and reduce overall production time.

Let our custom injection molding engineers help you design the injection molded parts you need. We specialize in tough custom molding jobs where the design, choice of plastic, mold building and flow analysis are critical to production.

Hot Runner In Plastic Mold Design


Warm runners are already indepensable in injection molding. As far as plastic processors are concerned, the right way to select the warm runners for the right products and to master the warm runners is the key to their benefit from the warm runners.


The warm runner(HRS) is also called the hot water outlet, which turns the solidified nozzle into a molten nozzle. Its composition is relatively simple, mainly including the mainfold, the hot nozzle, the temperature controller and the like. In the meantime, the splitter plate can be divided into a shape, and X shape, a Y shape, a T shape, a mouth shape and other special shapes can be divided into a large nozzle, a tip nozzle and a needle valve nozzle according to the shape; the temperature controller is temperature controlled the method can be divided into watch core type plug-in type and computer centralized control type.


In the injection molding process, the warm runner works in cooperation with the mold and plays a very important role. For example, in the injection molding of ultra-thin parts, it is easy to produce high-precision, high quality products through the use of warm runners; for the injection molding materials with poor fluidity, through the use of warm current the runner can significantly improve the fluidity of the material and ensure the smooth production of injection molding. For some large injection molded parts, such as the bumper and door panel of the car, the rear cover of TV, air conditioner casing, etc., the use of the warm runner makes the injection molding difficult. It has to be relatively simple.

Our Plastic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Shell Mouldsample


A set of Plastic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Shell Mould have many parts.

And from design to make mould, we need a long time to help our customers modify the mould design to get the perfect performance.

After we finish mould. we will invite our customer check the mould test, and if not satisfied with the mould ,we could changed.

Hongmei Mould Company Advantage

- Free Design: Including part design and mould design

- Service: 24 hours on line service

- Equipment:  Five-axis high-speed milling machines

Three-axis high-speed milling machines

CNC milling machines

Deep hole drilling machines

Large-scale milling machines

CNC engraving machines

Electric sparks (EDM)

wire cutter

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