Plastic Children Study Use Box
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Plastic Children Study Use Box

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Children Study Use Box. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.We are a professional China Plastic Children Study Use Box manufacturer, if you want to know more, you can contact us.
Hongmei are plastic injection mould factory, and we could produce all kinds of box, such as industry tool box, fishing box, first aid box,cooling box and other household box.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Plastic Children Study Use Box. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Plastic Children Study Use Box Mould Detail

Mould Steel: H13

Part Size:330*330*390mm

Mould Size: 660*660*580mm

Injection System: Injection Pin

Runner: Cold runner

Injection Time: 30s

Polish: Grained Leather

Delivery Time: 40 days

How To Make Plastic Children Study Use Box

Firstly, the steel material should be selected for the mold cavity and the mold core cavity part. In addition, the high hardness steel material must be used as the mold base, and then the suitable mold standard parts should be selected. The good plastic material filling system requires special hot runner system assistance. Molding and ensuring the best cooling system


Good mold structure design is the premise of a qualified mold manufacturing. The company's mold designers and stylists have more than 13 years of professional mold design and manufacturing experience, and can analyze all aspects of mold structure and product structure (including: mold flow analysis). , mold release slope, product surface microcosm, casting system design, exhaust system design, cooling system design, etc.) The most important and most difficult problems of these molds are repeated tests when designing the mold structure.


The main steps of mould testing


1. Check if the plastic material in the barrel is correct and bake as required.


2. The material tube should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the bad glue or mixture from entering the mold, as the bad glue and mixture will clog the mold. Check the temperature of the material tube and mold to see if it is suitable for the material.


3, adjust the pressure and injection in order to produce a satisfactory product appearance, but can not run flash, especially the cavity and some finished products are not completely frozen, should consider a variety of control conditions, before the adjustment, because the mold filling rate changes a little, will lead to huge change.


4. Waiting patiently for the machine and mold to be in a steady state can take more than 30 minutes, even for medium-sized machines. Use this time to see what might go wrong with the final product.


5. The advancement time of the screw should not be less than the solidification time of the plastic on the gate, otherwise the weight of the finished product will be reduced and the performance of the finished product will be destroyed. When the mold is heated, the advancement time of the screw is extended to compress the finished product.


6. Reasonably adjust and reduce the entire processing cycle.


7. The new steady state takes at least 30 minutes and then continuously produces at least 12 full-shape products, at the most date, quantity and individual position, according to the cavity, the stability of the inspection operation and the reasonable control of the exit tolerance .


8. Measure and record the important dimensions of the continuous sample (after cooling to room temperature).

How to avoid injection molding failure?

Among the five basic forms of mold failure, thermal fatigue failure is more likely to occur on hot-worked molds with large temperature differences between hot and cold molds, while other four different forms may appear on all types of molds. There are often close linkages between different forms of failure and facilitation between interactions.


Some groove marks caused by wear are often prone to various phenomena such as fatigue cracks and thermal fatigue cracks, and if some deep and sharp grooves are themselves, they can become the cracking point of one-time fracture. After fatigue cracks and thermal fatigue cracks appear on the surface of the part, the surface quality will be seriously deteriorated, and the phenomenon of wear will be intensified. The tip of the crack will cause various stress concentrations and will become a common source of fracture.

Although the wear of the mold will lead to the failure of important parts of the mold, under normal normal working conditions, the mold can work stably and effectively for a long time before the wear fails. In fact, the effective life of the molds we talk about is mostly determined by the wear failure. For these molds, the wear failure of plastic molds refers to their normal loss of performance, and the effective wear life is the basis for determining the expected life of the mold.

The effective life of some heavy-duty molds such as cold extrusion molds is mainly determined by fatigue failure. The effective life of some molds with large temperature difference between cold and heat, such as die-casting molds, is mainly determined by thermal fatigue failure. Molds generally have a long effective life before fatigue and thermal fatigue failure, but we still routinely regard them as early failures of the mold. If there is a problem with the quality of the mold, or if the mold is debugged or used improperly, plastic deformation and product failure failure may occur at different stages of mold use, and once it occurs, the consequences are likely to be fatal to the mold. They are also the main form of failure in the early stages of mold formation.


How to ensure and improve the life of injection molding molds, on the one hand, through various ways to ensure and improve the wear resistance of important parts of the mold as much as possible, so that the mold has sufficient hardness to prevent wear and reduce life, on the other hand Various measures must be taken to prevent the early failure of various parts of the mold, and to ensure that the mold can operate safely and stably during the effective service life.

Mould-Saving &. Polishing


Mould-saving polishing is the process of grinding the surface of the mould core and mould core with abrasive materials such as oilstone, sandpaper, etc. The purpose is to remove the fire patterns and knife lines of the mold early processing, and to make the plastic products easy to demold during injection and make the surface of the mould core reach the required smoothness of the plastic product.


Mould-saving polishing is generally divided into broad and narrow senses in the industry.


The narrow sense generally refers to the abrasive materials used are sandpaper and whetstone. The polished surface of the mould is generally smooth, and it will not be high finish and mirror surface, which is the early grinding process of the mould-saving polishing process. The smoothness achieved by grinding is divided from low to high: B3.B2.B1, the corresponding sandpaper number is: 400, 800, 1200.


The generalization of mould-saving polishing generally also includes mold polishing procedures.


The abrasive materials used for mold polishing are generally: wool wheel, felt sheet, foil paper, diamond grinding paste. The mold polishing equipment used is generally a pneumatic or electric ultrasonic mold polishing machine. The surface reached by the mold polishing is a mirror surface, and the mold polishing process is also called mirror polishing.


The mirror surface polished by the mold is divided into A2 / A1 / A0 from low to high. The products corresponding to the finish grade are generally:


A2: Conventional home appliances such as hair dryers,


A1: High-gloss mobile phone shell, car lamp mold


A0: Apple mobile phone accessories such as chargers, transparent lenses

What Mould Made by HongMei?

Chair Mould: including ordinary PP chair, PC chair,  rattan chair, also with beach chair, chair with/without hand, bus chair, etc. We can control the gas assistance technology during mould making; we help customer to solve the issue of chair stacking; we can find solution to realize changing insert on injection machine.


Table Mould: during design, we will consider to make the anti-deformation structure to avoid the deformation after injection.


Basket Mould: we have a set mature technology for plastic basket mould, including fruit basket mould, vegetable basket mould, shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, drain basket mold, folding fruit baskets, hand-held plastic basket mold and so on.


Storage Container Mould: single container mould, complete set of storage lockers, transparent container mould, thin wall container mould.


Kitchen Ware Mould: including cutlery mold, dish rack mold, plastic cutting board mold, plastic vegetables basket mold, drain and basket mold, water spoon mold, plastic saucers mold, basin mold, ice lattice mold, the peeler mold, bottle opener mould and so on.


Home Appliance Mould: including air condition mould, TV set mould, washing machine mould, hand dryer mould, fan mould, battery cover mould, etc.


Auto Part Mould: auto bumper mould, auto grille mould, auto interior mould, auto lamp mould, auto door mould, etc.


Plastic mould are including small and large mould, simple structure and complex structure mould, single part mould and  assembly part mould, non-transparent part and transparent part mould, we can supply customers the reasonable and professional solution of mould  to get win-win.


Also Hongmei Mould can make aluminum die casting mould, SMC/BMC mould, etc.

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