Plastic Chick Feeder Injection Mold
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Plastic Chick Feeder Injection Mold

We are a professional China Plastic Chick Feeder Injection Mold manufacturer, if you want to know more, you can contact us.
Plasic chick feeder injection mould is not a difficult mold, but we have experience on this and help you have successful mass production!

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Product Description

Plastic Chick Feeder Injection Mold

1.Product Detail

Customer:  European customer


Injection method: Injection pin

Mold main steel:718

Lead-time:55 DAYS(including design time).

2.Product Process

1. Mold Design Control
2. Mold Steel Hardness Inspection
3. Mold Electrodes Inspection
4. Mold Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
5. Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection
6. Mold Trial Report and Samples Inspection
7. Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
8. Export Product Package Inspection 

3.Design Definition Requirements of Plastic Chick Feeder Injection Mold

1 Mold basic info sample; 
2 Plastic components function; 
3 2D drawin( weight) or, 3D drawing; 
4 Quantity or technical requirements; 
5 Annually forecast or MFQ; 
6. Surface treatment requirements, sample is better; 
7 Other keypoint

Hongemei Company Equipment

Hongmei Mould established in 2014 and specialized in making various plastic injection moulds. Hongmei company is located in Huangyan District, the beautiful "town of molds" in Zhejiang Province, China. It is convenient that it will take 30 minutes from Luqiao airport and 10 minutes from Taizhou railway station. Hongmei company specializes in developing all kinds of large-scale injection molds, especially in making automotive, home appliances and daily necessities molds, at the same time we provides one-stop service for mold semi-finished products processing. Our company cover an area of 5000 square meters and employee 86 workers which are skillfully.

Our Main Product

1.Household parts mould

2.Appliance parts  mould

3.Automotive parts mould

4.Thin-wall parts mould

5.Industry parts mould

Our Equipment

Five-axis high-speed milling machines

Three-axis high-speed milling machines

CNC milling machines

Deep hole drilling machines

Large-scale milling machines

CNC engraving machines

Electric sparks (EDM)

wire cutter

Mould Manufacturing Culture and Service

HongMei mould manufacturing culture is particular. We believes that if we do everything based on RESPONSIBILITY, all thing are well done. Thus, our Mold Manufacturing core culture is responsibility.

HongMei Mould has so many important points and all of them must be well done during the mold manufacturing. The action included:

-Inquiry from customer before mold manufacturing.

During this processing, the communicators of both sides should offer the correct information or specification to be sure that the pricing and technical points are meeting buyer's requirements.

-During the Manufacturing, the designer needs to be responsible to make the mold design. This responsibility is to customer and to company too, he has to consider how the customer use this mold, how to design the mold into long life tool, how to design the related components to make it easier tooling during the Mold Manufacturing and higher precision.

-Mold components machining during the Mold Manufacturing.

The machine operators with strong responsibilities, then the mold components can be precise enough to meet the drawings tolerance requirements. Here the responsibilities are indicated by careful steel installation, rigorous machining process following and rigorous dimension controlling during and after the machining. Otherwise, the errors will extend to the next processing. This will cause the terrible delaying on the mold shipment.

-Mold components dimension controlling after the machining. During the Manufacturing, the cavities, cores and other mold components, after the machining, they need serious dimension controlling. CAM team is responsible to be sure that all the dimensions are according with the drawings.

And Mold assembling workshop, mold mass production simulation workshop, all of them they need to be responsible to be sure that the Mold Manufacturing is successful and the delivered mold is top quality according with HongMei Mould standard.

Mould Shipment Details

- Quality inspection of plastic mold installation:

Complete inspection of plastic mold to ensure the continuity of mold structure and the standard of parts. The project manager and quality inspection personnel shall inspect the plastic mould according to the company's standard, so as to ensure the quality of the products. Once the problem is found, it can be corrected immediately, and effectively prevent the occurrence of errors. In addition, we continuously test the cooling system, hydraulic oil duct system and hot runner system of plastic mold

Checking before mould delivery

1. After confirming the sample of customer, our manager will inform our team leader to check the mould. Including the 3d mould design, customer's requirements and mould trial problem.

2. Our inspector will according the files above to check the mould.

3. If our customer need the water channel drawings and oil channel drawings, we will print for you, of course we could provide mould water transport pictures.

4. After all the detailed checking no question, then we will inform our team leader to packing the mould.

- Mould specification

1. Team leader will fill in the instruction

2. Packing all the mould accessories into a wooden case

3. Prepare mould trial report, mould using instruction, mould temperature control box instruction and quality certification to customer.

- Mould Packing

1. Cleaning the cavity and core, no iron filings

2. Spraying the antirust paint inside and outside

3. Wrapped with the plastic film

4. Putting into a wooden case or wooden pallet

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