Plastic Car Safety Seat Injection Mould
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Plastic Car Safety Seat Injection Mould

The child safety seat is made of polypropylene, a tough plastic that flexes under pressure and doesn't crack easily the way some other plastics do. Plastic Car Safety Seat Injection Mould use P20 steel S136 for cavity and core with single cavity

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Product Description

Plastic Car Safety Seat Injection Mould

Product color: black

Wall thickness: 1.3mm

Raw material: PP+EPDM

Cavity/Core steel: S136(HRC48-52)

Mold base: P20

No. of cavity: 1

Ejection system: ejector pins

Gate type: submarine gate

Cycle time: 46 seconds of all parts

Injection machine: 500T

Whenever you’re on the road, make sure children aged 12 and under are always properly buckled in the back seat in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt, whichever is appropriate for their weight, height, and age. In the United States, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death among children. In 2018, 636 children 12 years old and younger died in motor vehicle traffic crashes, and more than 97,000 were injured. Of the children 12 years old and younger who died in a crash in 2018 (for which restraint use was known), 33% were not buckled up. Parents and caregivers can make a lifesaving difference.

Also after June 1, 2021, China also urgent that children under 8 must seat on the safety seat when driving on the way.

How To Select The Plastic Mould Steel

The plastic Car Safety Seat Injection Mould steel choice depends on expected mold overall life, part surface roughness and plastic materials .
The higher the overall life of the mold should be , the higher demand for wear resistance and hardness of plastic mould steel should ask for .
Transparent products require cavity to be mirror polished, and S136H, PAK80, PAK90 , 420 and  other high-quality steel are better choice.
In terms of the plastic material, heat-sensitive plastics (eg PVC, etc.) must select  anti-corrosion  steel, such as S136H,PAK90 .
Relative sliding mold parts should use different steel and hardness, hardness difference is 2 HRC.

Steel For Mould Parts

if Car Safety Seat Injection Mould core material and insert materials are same, the hardness of core should be below the insert hardness by about 4 degrees.
dowel pins  material: SKD61 (52HRC).
steel for slide parts and core-pulling mechanism:
1.lateral slide parts and core or cavity inserts should be made of different steel  if relative sliding is needed for them; But if it really need the same steel for mold inserts material and the sliding block,sliding block’ surface must be nitrided, and its hardness should be below around 2.
2. slider block material: P20 or 718.
3. locking blocks: S55C (required heat treatment to 40HRC) or DF2 hardened to 52HRC.
4.wear plate: DF2 hardened to 52HRC.
5.angular pins: SKD61 (52HRC).
6.wedge block: S55C. block : DF2 (oil heat treatment of steel required to 52HRC).

lifter  steel: lifter steel and mould inserts  steel can not the same for  the lifter rod could be scratched when sliding.
Hongmei company try our best to use good steel and good stand of mould spares, because we know that good steel not only have good surface of the parts but also get long life and low maintain, this could help our customers short the Car Safety Seat Injection Mould 

fix time and have considerable annual output.

Information to Be Sent to Our Customer After Mould Shipment

a) Technical Car Safety Seat Injection Mould files

b) Steel certificates

c) Treatment certificates

d) 2D mold drawings(Paper)

e) 2D mold drawing-dwg file

f) 3D mold file-step file

g) Dimensional report

h) Tool maintain plan

i) List of mold's spare parts

j) Presentation of the injection system and the location of the injection points

k) Electrical connections

l) Cooling and hydraulic schemes

About us

Hongmei Mould established in 2014 and specialized in making various plastic injection moulds. Hongmei company is located in Huangyan District, the beautiful "town of molds" in Zhejiang Province, China. It is convenient that it will take 30 minutes from Luqiao airport and 10 minutes from Taizhou railway station. Hongmei company specializes in developing all kinds of large-scale injection molds, especially in making automotive, home appliances and daily necessities molds, at the same time we provides one-stop service for mold semi-finished products processing. Our company cover an area of 5000 square meters and employee 86 workers which are skillfully.
Our Main Product
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If you have no idea of safety seat design, our designer could according to their experience and your requirements to make a drawing to you, or you could buy a kid safety seat sample delivery to us, and we could according to your request to revise some detailed place.

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