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Plastic Pipe Fitting Mould

The Plastic pipe fitting mould we developed includes (PPR、PVC Pipe Fitting Mould,fitting connector mould,pipe connectors mould) customized hotline: 0086-15867668057 Wechat:249994163 Welcome to your email, welcome to China, looking forward to working with you as good friends and partners.
Pipe Fitting Connector Mould
HongMei is advanced in collapsible core system mould, curve core system fitting mould as well as unscrewing ejection pipe & fitting mould. HongMei has more than 10 patents in injection fitting connector mould solutions, we are famous for the complex unscrewing ejection with gear system and motor unscrewing system for plastic thread couplers, thread female connector and thread male connector moulds.
Also, we take the advantage of mould interchangeable mould design for example, PVC connector elbow mould and elbow mould with inspection door, plastic pipes & fitting mould in multi-direction PVC collapsible core pull system solution. HongMei has a Upvc thread in male and female connector for pipe fitting moulds and can run fully automatic for PVC , UPVC, PPR pipe fitting moulds.
Also, HongMei makes fitting moulds such as in PPR material for hot water and so on.
HongMei has own injection molding machines for mould making test and can give long term long running simulation before mold shipping.
Plastic pipe fitting mould
 Mould Name: Fitting Connector Mould
 Product Size: φ25mm
 Product Description: PPR Elbow 90°
 Mould Cavity: 16 cavities
 Mould Size: 600X812X475mm
 Suitable Machine: 350Ton
 Mould Main Material: 718H P20
 Mould Injection System: hot runner
 Mould Ejection System: Ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time: 75 Seconds
 Mould Running: 1M
 Delivery Time: 55 working days
 Mould Features: tailor design molding solutions for PVC, PPR pipe fitting connector moulds. High quality spare parts and ejection components, unscrewing parts and so on.
ABS Connector and PVC Connectors Mould
Construction fitting connector mould, electronical use connectors and plastic switch housing mould, all types of insert over molding mould applied with plastic fitting connector moulds.
 Mould Name: ABS Connector and PVC Connectors Mould
 Product Size: 80x80x80mm
 Product Description: ABS Connector and PVC Connectors
 Mould Cavity: 4 cavities
 Mould Size: 400x500x400mm
 Suitable Machine: 250 Ton
 Mould Main Material: S136
 Mould Injection System: hot runner / cold runner
 Mould Ejection System: stripper
 Mould Cycle Time: 12 Seconds
 Mould Running: 1M
 Delivery Time: 38working days
 Mould Features: stainless steel for PVC
Plastic PPR Pipe Fitting Mould
PPR pipe fitting is specially for water supplying piping system,
the connection of the fitting with the pipe has 3 different types.
1. gluing type.
2. welding type.
3. screwing type.
Based on the function, we divided the PPR Plastic pipe fitting mould into below 4 different types.
A.norml PPR pipe fitting mould
B.Self welding PPR pipe fitting mould.
C. PPR Plastic pipe fitting mould unscrewing ejection.
D. PPR metal over molding pipe fitting mould.
 Mould Name: PPR Pipe Fitting Mould
 Product Size: 1/2”
 Product Description: PPR elbow
 Mould Cavity: 24 cavities
 Mould Size: 450x500x480mm
 Suitable Machine: 250 Ton
 Mould Main Material: 718H
 Mould Injection System: Cold runner
 Mould Ejection System: ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time: 35 Seconds
 Mould Running: 1M
 Delivery Time: 40 working days
 Mould Features: The technical points for PPR pipe fitting moulds. 1. how to avoid the shrinkage marks on the fitting. 2. how to increasing the injection molding speed. 3. how to realize the cavities and cores interchangeable. 4. if there are metal bolt or nuts inesrts.

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PPR Pipe Fitting Mould

PPR Pipe Fitting Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality PPR Pipe Fitting Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.HongMei Mould is professional in designing and making Pipe Fitting Mould, Such as PVC Pipe Fitting Mould, PPR Pipe Fitting Mould, Pipe Joint Mould, Three Way Pipe Mould, Elbow Pipe Mould, Oblique Pipe Fittings Mould, Straight Pipe Fittings Mould etc.

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