Oxygen Concentrator Machine Mould
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Oxygen Concentrator Machine Mould

With the influence of the virus, many people suffer from this and Oxygen Concentrator Machine is not enough,welcome to purchase Oxygen Concentrator Machine Mould from hongmei mould company, we have better service for you.

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Product Description

Oxygen Concentrator Machine Mould


Mould Name:Oxygen Concentrator Shell Mould

Mould Steel: H13

Mould Plate:C50

Moving Parts:Standard accessories

Treatment: Nitriding Treatment

Cavity: Single  

Runner: Hot runner

Point Number: 2 Points

Mould Size: According to your oxygen concentrator machine size

Delivery Time:45 days

Packing: Wooden case

Service Type: ODM/OEM

Mould Life:500,000 shots


What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen concentrator definition: An oxygen concentrator is a type of medical device used for delivering oxygen to individuals with breathing-related disorders. Individuals whose oxygen concentration in their blood is lower than normal often require an oxygen concentrator to replace that oxygen.


Oxygen Concentrator Machine Application

Because of the virus,Indian people are short of oxygen concentrator machine and more and more people going to die, so it is necessary to develop more portable oxygen machine home use and hospital use.

* Home

* Hospital

Medical oxygen concentrators are used in hospitals or at home to concentrate oxygen for patients. PSA generators provide a cost-efficient source of oxygen. They are a safer,less expensive, and more convenient alternative to tanks of cryogenic oxygen or pressurised cylinders. They can be used in various industries including medical, pharmaceutical production, water treatment and glass manufacture.

PSA generators are particularly useful in remote or inaccessible parts of the world or mobile medical facilities (military hospitals, disaster facilities).

Hongmei Sample Room

Hongmei mould company working on injection mould for more than 10 years and skilled in making home appliance plastic shell mould. Our sample room have several sets of oxygen concentrator machine mould sample, We know well how to assemble all the plastic parts and how to reduce your mould cost. If you have household appliance need to develop, prepare your 3D data or samples and contact us.


Best Methods of Molding Undercuts

No matter what mould we make, there are always suffer from many problems like air traps, shrinkage,burn marks and undercuts.

Producing plastics parts with undercuts presents distinct challenges for molders. Undercuts are protrusions or recessions in a part that prevent the mold, after the part is formed, from sliding away along the parting direction. These features inhibit the direct removal of the core, and as a result, generally necessitate using an additional mold piece, such as a side-core or an internal core lifter, to form the shape.

Undercut designs are often used to create threaded parts, such as screw-on bottle caps, snap-on products such as lipstick containers, and a variety of consumer, medical, automotive, and other products. Threaded caps illustrate well the complexities associated with undercuts. After the cap is formed, the threads of the part and the threads of the core are intermeshed and must be disengaged before the core can be pulled out and the cap removed from the mold.

Why The Mould Price So High?

Recently, many customers ask me about the price to make a whole sets of Oxygen Concentrator Machine Mould, when I send the quotation to them, most customer feedback to me that's too high or could we have discount?

To be honest, to make a same mould, we will pay 2 times price of the mould steel than last year, and many customer hesitate that to place order or wait continue. We don't know if the steel price rise or decrase, but if you want to develop home appliance mould, it's good for you to choose Hongmei company, we are famous in China.

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