Plastic Toy Mould


Products for plastic toys, it requires light quality, and the need for large-scale production.  And the materials used must be non-toxic.  Therefore in this set of plastic toy mold design we choose PP material production.  

plastic beach toy mould

PP is polypropylene, its production characteristics are:  

1.White waxy, non-toxic, transparent;  

2.Has very low density, very light weight, is a large variety of plastic the lightest one.  

3.Good chemical stability, with excellent chemical resistance;  

4.Good heat resistance, can be used at 130℃;  

5.Good insulation, also has good electrical insulation in wet environment;  

6.Has excellent mechanical properties, including tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness, outstanding rigidity and bending fatigue resistance.  


Then according to the characteristics of the selected material, the shape, size, precision and surface quality requirements, to determine the PP plastic toy mold required processing scheme, parting surface selection, cavity number and arrangement, forming parts of the structure, pouring system, etc..  

plastic beach toy mould

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