Matters Needing Attention Before Manufacture of Air Cooler Mould


air cooler mould          air cooler mould

The main contents that need to be reviewed and confirmed before manufacturing of Hongmei air cooler mould are as follows: 

1. Description of basic information (the information required by mold opening must be filled in correctly to avoid problems in the later stage);  


2. Location and size of the gate (determine whether the location of the glue inlet is reasonable and whether it affects the appearance and assembly);  


3. Cavity layout and structure (determine the number of holes in the mold, that is, a few out of a few, this will affect the mold size and mold cost);  


4. Mold drawing analysis (check whether the product has a mold structure, and some structure or appearance of mold drawing Angle is enough);  


5. Wall thickness analysis (check whether the average wall thickness of the product is even and check where there is a risk of shrinkage);  


6. Main parting line (including line parting line, inclined top parting line, insert parting line, these clamping lines need to be confirmed by the customer whether they can accept, if not, it needs to take other methods to solve);  


7. Ejector system (confirm thimble position and ejector method adopted);  


8. Problems and solutions of products (these problems may affect the development of products or molds, which need to be carefully reviewed and confirmed).  

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