How To Reduce The Processing Cost Of Injection Commodity Moulds


How To Reduce The Processing Cost Of Injection Commodity Moulds

Reasonable saving of the processing cost of the injection commodity mould can increase the economic benefits of the production of the enterprise, save the production cost of the enterprise, and facilitate the competition of the enterprise and the product in the market.

1, Reasonable selection of injection commodity mould

Choosing a well-designed injection commodity mould before the product is produced is a basic way to save costs. Different commodity mould design structures have different requirements for product materials, and naturally there are good and bad. Good commodity mould yields are high, resulting in less waste and lower natural production costs.

2, Using a reasonable processing technology

The same products, using different production processes, the quality and quantity of raw materials required are different. According to the characteristics of the product, under the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the use of improved processing technology can save production costs.

2. Adopt scientific and rational management

In the production process, scientific and reasonable management methods are adopted. Strengthen cost accounting and strengthen management in all aspects of production, supply, sales and finance. The raw materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing costs, administrative fees, etc. in the production cost are refined into the cost per unit of product, and reasonable management is strictly prohibited. Waste is strictly prohibited.

Enterprises reduce the waste of each link, so as to achieve the purpose of rational storage, use of materials, cost savings, and increase efficiency. This not only meets the reasonable needs of production, but also reduces the waste of capital.

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