Plastic Car Lamp Mould


Lamp Mould Specification

Mould Material45#, 50#, P20, H13, 718, 2738, NAk80, S136, SKd61 etc

Mould BaseLKM, HASCO ect.



Mould Design3D/2D Drawing

Design Days3 days

Design SoftwareUG, PROE, CAD, CAE, CAM, CAXA ect

Plastic MaterialPP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA ect

Mo uld Life300, 000-3, 000, 000 shots

Injection SystemPin-point-gate

Polish SystemMirror Polish

Delivery Time15-60days

SpecificatioDepends on customers' requirements

Lamp Mould Design

Over the years, Hongmei mould has designed hundreds of different plastic parts. Whether you require a basic mold or a complex mold, we have the skills and experience to design your mold accurately and on time.
3D Mold Design

We offer extensive 3D mold design services ranging from simple parting line splits to full 3D mold assemblies using Unigraphics software. Our 3D mold design models include all the parting lines, rounds, fillets and drafts.

We deliver 3D Lamp MoldDesigns and individual component models of cores, cavities, slide faces, and EDM electrodes to mold makers for CNC programming. By creating mold components as 3D solid models, CNC cutter path can be programmed directly from the resulting geometry using Unigraphics. 2-D references and detail drawings are finalized in Unigraphics or exported to a variety of other CAD packages.

Our engineering staff will work with you to develop the mold you need using three-dimensional modeling and state-of-the-art technology to ensure a precise result.

The following is a partial list of current mold steels and components used by our mould design division. At the same time, we can design mold according to customer's requirement.

718,718H,S136,S136H,420ESR from ASSAB of Sweden.

P20,P20+S,P20+Ni,420,H13,01 from LKM.

NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan.

Most mold bases and standard components come from LKM, DME, HASCO.

2D Mold Design

Hongmei mould offers complete fully detailed Lamp mold designs with prints of all the mold components. This includes the mold layout and assembly drawings with a separate bill of material. Each design incorporates a mold handbook. This manual details and references all the important mold features and information about your particular mold. We also furnish pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and hot runner schematics when applicable. There is a design completion check list to assure the mold design is complete and meets high standards for quality that our customers expect.

We believe we offer the best design and engineering services. We are continuously upgrading our capabilities to meet our customers ever changing needs.

Moldflow Analysis

Equipped with the advanced injection process analysis software Moldflow, we do optimization for every part and mold design. Based on the injection molding defects such as flow, cooling, deformation, shrinkage and stress, we can make the preventive strategy at the early stage, do multiple analysis through Moldflow, to maximize the injection molding window then make sure to produce the high quality parts with low cost.

We apply Moldflow into every stage of engineering process, including the early project review, DFM, mold design review and injection process optimization, to conclude the effective usage based on the process application.

Mould Quality Control

1. Mould design control
Hongmei can provide product analysis and Mouldflow report, will feedback customers with the issue arising on the product drawing, such as the Thin thickness area, shrinkage mark, welting mark, Air vent, undercuts, gate location, gate type, etc.

After design finished, we’ll check on the Mould strength, part line, cooling system, interference area, Thin thickness area, etc. To be sure the drawing provide by Hongmei Mould is in the excellent status for the longer mould life and work efficiency for customers.

2. Mould material control

Steel supplier are requested to provide steel quality guarantee certificate and steel certificate, Hongmei mould will do steel inspection before acceptance.

3. Mould Processing quality control

Controlling key procedure quality and manage the project progress according to mold processing documents, Hongmei mould provide weekly progress and quality report to customer.

The mould technician are required to check the Lamp Mold appearance,cooling system, mold assemble, process procedures carefully according to Hongmei standard and customers standard.

4. Mould spare parts purchasing and control

We’ll focus on qualified spare parts to meet customer requirement on standard parts models, standard quality and needed purchase time.

5. Mould assembly control

Physical processing will be undertook as per the established procedure documents and be inspected relatively, strictly checking on the matching between core, cavity, inserts, guide pillar, return pin, angle lifter, sliders, ejector pin, cooling system, connector,etc

6. Mould check before shipment

Prepare documents before shipment, such as spare parts list, mold testing vedio, processing files, 2D/3Ddrawings. For sure we’ll packing and shipping as per customer’s requirements with safety protecting for sea and air shipment.

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