Home Appliance Hair Dryer Shell Mould


Home Appliance Hair Dryer Shell Mould

The mold design and processing of hair dryer shells, and various machinery-related industries are paying more and more attention to CAD/CAM technology. Now CAD/CAM technology has developed into a relatively mature common technology. The rapid development of my country’s home appliance industry is critical to the mold industry, especially It is plastic molds that have put forward higher and higher requirements. According to the prediction of relevant experts, in the next few years, China’s plastic mold industry will continue to maintain a relatively high rate of development with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. In the domestic and international plastic mold market, the demand for injection molds is the largest.

The main points of the technical scheme of the injection mold for the air nozzle of the household appliance are: including a fixed mold and a movable mold. The movable mold is provided with a core, the movable mold is provided with a connecting plate, and the connecting plate is provided with a fixed plate, and the movable mold includes a first template. And the second template, the core includes a first forming block and a second forming block, a first top plate is provided on the fixed plate, a top rod connected to the second template is provided on the first top plate, and a second top plate is provided on the first top plate. The top plate, the second top plate is provided with a top block connected to the second forming block. When the air nozzle needs to be taken out, the second template is controlled to drive the second forming block to move, so that the second forming block is separated from the first forming block. Control the corresponding second forming block to move toward each other until the distance between the two second forming blocks is less than the diameter of the air inlet. At this time, it is more convenient to take out the air nozzle, and the inner side wall of the air nozzle is not easy to be with the second forming block. When the touch occurs, the surface smoothness of the air nozzle of the hair dryer is ensured.

Processing ability: hair dryer shell mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding processing
Cooling system: Optimized design of circulating water.
Mid-term treatment: quenching and tempering, quenching and high temperature tempering, so that the workpiece has good comprehensive mechanical properties and increase the hardness.
Post-treatment: Nitriding (low nitriding temperature, small deformation, high surface hardness and wear resistance without quenching)
Mode of transportation: before the mold is shipped, the clamping piece must be installed, the packaging is firm and rust-proof.
Mold information: When the mold is delivered, a complete set of mold wearing parts and maintenance reference materials must be provided.

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