Plastic armchair mould


Plastic armchair mould

Because plastic armchairs are light, durable, and easy to store and transport, there is a large market demand. We can often see plastic armchairs used in restaurants, large conferences, concerts and other places with a large number of people and strong integration. Micon Mould has a professional team to provide armchair mould solutions. We manufacture plastic armchair moulds for users with short cycle time, high strength, and smooth surface.

In terms of design, the team will discuss and analyze the shape of the armchair, such as parting line, cooling water circuit, surface polishing, exhaust design, etc. We use P20 steel material for the core and cavity of the armchair mold. This steel has good machinability and mirror grinding performance to ensure that the molded chair is smooth. The hot runner is carefully designed to achieve rapid cooling and make the armchair mold run quickly and smoothly. The round and smooth mold parting line can prevent the chair from scratching the hands. We use high-precision milling machine for parting line processing tooling, which can save more assembly time compared with ordinary CNC tooling. Through high-precision milling of the mold, the wall thickness of the injection molded armchair is more uniform.

When designing a plastic armchair, we must not only consider the product designed to meet the requirements of beauty and fashion, but also consider its weight, strength, stacking capacity and load-bearing capacity in the performance of the chair, and we need to prevent the designed chair from being injected The possibility of shrinkage and deformation during the molding process. With the design team's rich experience in plastic chair mold design for many years, we can design a more competitive high-quality armchair for you!

Chair Type

Hongmei could make many different type of chairs, such as armless chair, baby chair, arm chair, big stool and small stool, school use chair and office use chair.

Can You Tell Your Chair Mould Running Cycle Time?

If the cooling water temperature is from 8 to 12 centigrade degree, if the chair weight from 1700g to 2400g, the cycle time should be 35s to 50s. If the machine plastic melt and injection is with accumulators. Please check how they make the cooling channel? If the cooling channel is extra in and out? If the cooling channel is one according with the chair shape?


How To Guarantee Your Chair Mould Run Shorts?

Many people will say that they will have one millions guaranteed. But God now how can they guarantee. The guarantee for a mould run 1 million shorts without any flashes? Because if you accept to cut the flash by your workers heavy labor, I think you can use this mould for 10 millions shorts. So you need to check the steel hardness, and in the mould if there is any parting area were welded. Normally the steel hardness should be HRC33.


How You Make The Parting Line Finishing Is Good, If There Will Is Any Sharp Edges?

Sharp edge on the chair is dangerous, in order to avoid the sharp edge, we have to do many points during the chair mould manufacturing.

- chair mould parting design is correct or not.

- the chair mould cavity and core thickness is enough or not.

- how you make the CNC milling the cavity and core? One stage finishing or several stage finishing? Normally, we need 3 stages finishing. From rough milling to steel hardened, after hardening, take the 2nd stage milling, we call it half precise milling, normally we leave 0.3mm, Then make the steel stress releasing, after this we do final precise milling. When in this time, the machining operation is very important. 1. we have to use cooling on the milling area. 2. we have to be sure that each cutting, the depth will not bigger then 0.08mm. All these are because of the steel will be deformed when milling and after the hardening. The deforming will cause the cavity and core's fitting are not accurate, there will be a lot of hand works on it. By hand works on the parting area, you can never work out a perfect parting line.

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