Plastic Beer Crate Injection Mould Manufacturer


HoMe Mould exports many sets of crate moulds to customers at home and abroad every year, including folding crate mould, Bottle type crate mould, vegetable and fruit crate mould,crate mould and so on.  Our company produces Beer crate mould, with high efficiency, short cycle,precise size, convenient maintenance, high service life advantages.  

HoMe plastic beer crate mould specifications:     

Mould Name: beer crate mould  

Product Size: 850 * 750 * 655mm  

Mould Cavity number: 1 cavity  

Mould Size: 1260*770*770 mm  

Injection moulding machine  : 650T  

Mould steel: 718  

Cycle Period: 35 seconds  


HoMe Mould is a plastic injection mould manufacturer in China. We have rich experience in manufacturing beer crate moulds.We have sophisticated mould processing equipment and QC department, which can ensure the precision of mould size tolerance. And manufacture high-quality beer crate moulds according to your needs.  


If you are interested in our beer crate mould, welcome to inquire.  

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