Weve come a long way since the Model T, transitioning away from heavy metal beams and brackets to lightweight yet durable plastics. Today, plastic parts support a wide variety of car functions, from the pedal and seat components to the powertrain and fuel system. There are several benefits to using plastics in car manufacturing, and skilled injection molders are well-versed in matching the right polymers to a car parts performance needs. To discover just how useful this material can be, lets review the benefits of plastic parts in the automotive industry.

Why Use Plastic Parts in the Automotive Mold?

Of the 30,000 parts used in todays vehicles, nearly one-third are made of plastic, according to Nexant, and theres a reason for this popularity. Plastic is cost-efficient and weighs significantly less than conventional metals. With fuel efficiency not only being a big selling point but also a growing focus of industry regulations, reducing vehiclesweights is vital. Furthermore, plastic is frequently more durable than metal and is resistant to corrosion and rust. Car parts are subject to a lot of abuse both via road hazards and weather and plastics are best suited to meet these challenges.

Additional Injection Molding Processes Used in the Automotive Mold

Theres a wide range of processes the industry takes advantage of to ensure customer satisfaction. Just a few of the secondary benefits of using plastics in vehicle manufacturing include:


Color: Colorant additives can be applied to plastic resins to achieve the color of the manufacturers or drivers choice.

Inserts: Thermoplastics can work cohesively with metal connectors, which is ideal for components that require non-plastic inserts.

Laser Etching: A laser can be used to etch a design or the manufacturers logo onto plastic parts, such as the dashboard.

There are several other benefits, such as imaging application techniques including silk screening and pad printing and a variety of other custom processes.


Discovering the many applications of plastic parts in the automotive industry can help you understand just how versatile thermoplastics can be. With the help of plastic injection molders, vehicle manufacturers and many other industries have been able to find better alternatives to short-lived and more expensive materials like metal. At Midstate Mold, we can help you design and create durable plastics parts for your next project, and we can accomplish every step of the injection molding process, from prototype development to production. If you require high-quality plastic parts, contact us today.

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