TPE Silicon Pillow Injection Mold


TPE Silicon Pillow Injection Mold

Hongmei company do research in making new product, and now we make TPE Silicon Pillow Injection Mold successful.

We have TPE silicon pillow, silicon mattress and silicon cushion.

New products new market, if you are interested in this, contact us.

Why we produce TPE silicon pillow , it has many advantages:

Let me talk about latex pillows for everyone. This is a kind of latex pillow that has appeared on the market before TPE pillows. So everyone may know better about latex pillows. The processing method of latex is formed by pouring. And now it is also circulating on the Internet that the taste of latex pillows is a bit big, and its cost is relatively expensive.Generally, there are hundreds of latex pillows, and its structure is very tight, in terms of air flow and neck protection. It is also supported by a fixed structure, and the neck guard cannot be determined by casual sleeping position, so some users with weird sleeping positions are a bit unsatisfactory, but the pillow made of TPE material solves many of these problems. 

As today’s mainstream material, TPE material also has unique advantages in making pillows. First of all, its processing method is very convenient. It is processed by injection molding, which is also a very popular processing method. The molding effect is also very good, the molding is fast, the shrinkage rate is small, the odor is low, and the odor is almost no after cooling, and it can design a hollow shape, unlike the structure of latex, which is so compact. This design also makes it easy to use It can speed up the air flow and increase the quality of sleep, and this design is suitable for various sleeping positions, because the hollowing process can make its stress points spread throughout the pillow, so you can sleep in the most comfortable way. When you fall asleep, you can also achieve the effect of neck protection.

Hongmei will not disappoint for you.

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