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Taizhou Hongmei Molding Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of plastic crate molds. With excellent team, we constantly provide customers with plastic crate molds solutions to make customers' products more competitive.The following are several material selection principles for plastic crate mold:

 Plastic crate mold

1. Plastic crate mold meets the requirements of working conditions.

Wear resistance

Strong toughness

Fatigue fracture properties

High temperature performance

Cold and hot fatigue performance

The corrosion resistance

2. Plastic crate mold meets the process performance requirements

Mold manufacturing generally through forging, cutting processing, heat treatment and other procedures.In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the mold and reduce the production cost, its materials should have the following points:


Annealing technability

Cutting machinability 

Oxidation and decarburization sensitivity



3. Plastic crate mold meets the economic requirements

In the selection of mold materials, we must consider the principle of economy, as far as possible to reduce the manufacturing cost.Therefore, under the premise of meeting the use performance, the first choice of lower price, can use carbon steel without alloy steel, can use domestic materials without imported materials.In addition, in the selection of materials should also consider the production and supply of the market, the selected steel should be as little as possible and concentrated, easy to buy.

plastic box mold  

If you need plastic crate mold solutions and production lines, welcome to Hongmei Mold for further negotiations.


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