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As a Chinese bucket mould supplier, Hongmei mould has a comprehensive range of plastic bucket mould, including water bucket mould, paint bucket mould, household trash can mould and industrial trash can mould. For paint buckets, in order to better occupy the market, the tightness of paint bucket and the IML technology are often the major focus of paint bucket suppliers.

Plastic paint bucket sealing, focus on the processing of the mold size and shrinkage rate of material. for example, in the beginning of mould design, need to estimate cover and bucket shrinkage rate, this is very important, if the estimate is not accurate, then the matching of the cover and bucket body will be a problem, such as, too loose may lead to leakage, the seal is not enough, cause mould test repeatedly, too tight may cause the lid can't assembly to the bucket. How to strengthen the sealing of plastic paint bucket? How to buy a high - yield, high - life paint bucket plastic mould?

1. Choose the right steel material for the paint bucket mould, and do a proper steel treatment.

2. Product drawing requires better sealing performance design.

3. In the process of mold processing, the relevant matching processing dimensions need to be controlled, and three-axis dimension detection can be adopted.

4. Have a relatively stable injection molding process and raw materials.

With the maturity and wide application of the IML process, paint bucket in mold label gradually replaced the traditional heat transfer printing process, both in terms of production efficiency and product quality, far beyond the traditional paint bucket heat transfer printing. The paint bucket in mold labeling system requires high mould accuracy and mould cycle for the paint bucket. In the mould processing process, the dimensional accuracy control is the most important thing. Generally, P20 or 718H is used as the steel material of the paint bucket mould with IML. The material of the pail bucket is generally high-density and low-pressure HDPE material, and the number of cavities is generally single cavity. The IML mold requires a matching robot to take the label and place it inside the mold, and then inject the product to fuse the label, thus eliminating the printing step. This improves the production efficiency of the product, thereby reducing the cost.

Hongmei mould has perfect manufacturing equipment and design team. We provide customers with more than 30 sets of paint bucket mould every year, and has a professional after-sales service team.

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