Why We Choose PP Disposable Food Box?


With the development of the economy,more and more people pay attention to their daily use which are environmental or safe?

Today we talk about the disposable food box that many fast food restaurants use this to pack their food.

Environmentally friendly disposable food box should have the follow features:

- Non-toxic and tasteless

-Imported PP material without any additives

-High Strength, not easy break

-The poor quality PP disposable box will sink lower than the premium

But there are many poor quality PP disposable food box on our market, the reason is that many factory want to reduce their cost, so when they injection this part, usually use a lot of calcium carbonate, talcum powder and other minerals and some waste plastic. As a result, the minerals and additives added in the lunch box and the water and oil in the food are mutually dissolved, and they enter peoples body with peoples diet, causing indigestion, local pain or liver system disease, etc.

Therefore, when you buy PP disposable food boxes, you must carefully identify to avoid inferior products.

Hongmei mould company manufacture this thin wall mould for several years, and we could help our customers mass production.

Because the PP material is transparent, so we suggest S136 mould steel is fine, S136 steel has good polishability, the pp food box will have good surface, no flash no black spot etc.

To get more plastic parts, this mould we choose hot runner and high speed injection machine, at the same time use a robot arm to grab the parts.

High quality mould to produce good products. So if you are interested in our PP disposable food box mould, please contact us.