How to Make the Plastic Chair Mold of High Quality?


How to Make the Plastic Chair Mold of High Quality?

How to make the plastic chair mold of high quality?According to HongMei mould manufacturing experience for many years, we suggest that you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Mold parting line (round and smooth parting line can avoid scratching hands produced by the chair).

2. Cooling waterway design and cycle time (usually chair weight in 1700-2400g, molding cycle is 35-50S).

3. Control the weight, strength and wall thickness of the chair.

4. Chair stacking and load-bearing test, etc.

5. Chair design and mold structure.

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Hongmei Mould has rich experience in chair mould manufacturing, and the chair mould manufactured by Hongmei meets the high standard requirements.

First of all, considering the mold cost and customer investment, we use P20 steel mainly for the mold core and cavity. At the same time, we consider the high quality of 718 mold steel, can be used for the mirror polishing of the core and cavity.These molds require highly polished, mold flow analysis and the design of an appropriate exhaust system.The hardness of the die steel plays a crucial role in the service life of the die. It is necessary to avoid the overflow at the end and side of the product, and to avoid other types of defects in the die.

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When Hongmei assembles chair molds, it will be assembled by engineers with professional assembly experience and skills. They will accurately check all parts, including cooling system, hydraulic oil channel system, hot runner, template, thimble, stripper, thimble or slider system, in strict accordance with assembly standards.Rigorous and skilled process is a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of the mold.And we design interchangeable backrest plug-in to help customers with the design of different chairs.

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Fashion and unique plastic chair design demand is growing day by day.Hongmei Mould can provide complete, economical, beautiful and practical plastic chair mold solutions according to the needs of different customers.

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