5 Gallon Bottle Embryo Injection Mold Considerations


5 Gallon Bottle Embryo Injection Mold Considerations

      In daily life, we have seen the 5 gallon bucket, such as the bucket on the water dispenser in the office and hospital is the five-gallon bucket, then how to make the 5 gallon bottle embryo mold to meet the needs of customers?

five gallon bottle embryo mold

HongMei Mould thinks that the following factors need to be paid attention to:

1. The product forming cycle is a very important factor that customers care about, because it is related to their product production efficiency.How to accelerate the product molding cycle?Optimization of die structure design and cooling system is the key.HongMei Mould can do one out of two design, the use of hot runner valve gate.Of course, high-performance injection molding machine is also very necessary, such as PET bottle embryo injection molding machine.

2. For customers, a good mold must have a long working life at high speed.To do this, it is necessary to use high quality five gallon drum die materials and parts, which we usually manufacture with S136 stainless steel.

3. Reasonable selection of high-precision mold processing equipment is conducive to the manufacture of 5 gallon PET bottle embryo mold with more accurate size and better quality.

4. The project follow-up team and QC department will implement the whole project to ensure the quality control of molds in the process of processing, quality inspection and mold testing, which will directly help customers spend less time to modify and adjust molds in the later stage.


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