Mould assembly


Quality inspection of plastic mold installation:


Complete inspection of plastic mold to ensure the continuity of mold structure and the standard of parts. The project manager and quality inspection personnel shall inspect the plastic mould according to the company's standard, so as to ensure the quality of the products. Once the problem is found, it can be corrected immediately, and effectively prevent the occurrence of errors. In addition, we continuously test the cooling system, hydraulic oil duct system and hot runner system of plastic mold.


The quality inspection department shall submit the inspection report within 24 hours after the mold inspection. The report should include product size, appearance, injection parameters and physical parameters. We use different inspection standards and tools for different products. In the inspection room, the quality inspection department inspected the high-pressure injection molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine and automatic operation device, and then provided modification suggestions for the modification of defective products. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of plastic mold, to better provide customers with solutions to lay the foundation. With the continuous upgrading of testing equipment, our product inspection has become more and more professional and reliable.

After the final sample was confirmed, the mold began to be packed in wooden cases,than the mold will then be sent to the port for shipment

Packaging details

1. Check injection mold parts

2. Clean the cavity / core and apply flushing oil on the mold

3. Clean the mold surface and apply flushing oil on the mold surface

4. Put it in the wooden box

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