Mould management


progress report

Hongmei mould provides accurate and timely follow-up of every project from mold feasibility report, mold flow analysis, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold status, mold trial to mold delivery. Hongmei has its own software to manage and monitor the status of each mold. We will also share mold progress reports with customers every week to ensure that they have the latest information.

Quality control of plastic mould

Hongmei mould has its own perfect production and management system, and has quality control in every production link. We try our best to avoid mistakes and curb the expansion of existing ones. Its scope is: from the design structure of plastic products to the feasibility of mold structure design, from the purchase of mold raw materials to the detection of raw materials, from the selection of raw material processing technology to the detection of parts quality, from the assembly of parts to the overall inspection of molds, and other related manufacturing processes. Each step has a corresponding chart, each link to ensure zero defects as far as possible, and ultimately ensure the high quality of the mold delivery.

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