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In the long term of refrigerator manufacturing, Hongmei mould have created a series of PS, PET refrigerator parts and refrigerator drawer egg storage box molds with diverse styles and excellent performance for well-known brands both domestically and oversea,relying on our outstanding technical strength and exquisite manufacturing processes.

Hongmei aware that the quality of the mold play key part on the product quality, so we always adhere to the use high-quality NAK80 2738H mold steel, use needle vavle hot runner and drop hot runner system;we have customized a large number of high-quality refrigerator and home appliance mould for our customers. These molds not only meet the various needs of customers, but also maximize their mold opening benefits.

Every step is strictly controlled, from excellent gate treatment to excellent surface treatment, every detail is refined to ensure the high precision and stability of the mold. Our professional team, with rich experience and a spirit of continuous innovation, continuously develops and improves mold technology to meet the needs of the market and customers.

Our goal is not only to manufacture batches of high-quality fridge parts moulds and home appliance molds, but also to win the trust and praise of many customers. Customers praise our molds not only for their excellent performance, but also for our thoughtful service, which not only brings them huge commercial benefits but also eliminates any worries.

If you have any injection project on fridge parts mould or storage container box mould of icebox manufacturing solutions,please choose Hongmei mould!

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