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Hongmei mould provide plastic furniture design services for various plastic furniture products such as chairs,tables and stools. Whether it’s a plastic office chair or a molded dining chair,arm chair beach chair or stool, we could bring your design ideas to reality. Our creative team will work with you to come up with product design template that matches your needs.

Hongmei is able of manufacturing complete tables, chairs and stools moulds and plastic molded furnitures made of high grade quality steel . There's also the option of customizing the assembly of the molded chairs and tables to meet customer needs.

We deliver high quality chair mould with quick turnaround times. This makes us an ideal partner for companies who need reliable and efficient chair moulds.Hongmei team consists of highly skilled professionals who have solid experience at least 10 years in the plastic mold industry, giving the company an edge in this industry.  Enables Hongmei mould to provide the highest level of skills, knowledge, and dedication during the entire production process.

Furnitures are larger than common molding items. So they require large but precise moulds. Our injection molding designers use MoldFlow software to ensure the dimensions match those mould design and avoid production issues such as the surface finishes for the chair and tables.

Hongmei mould also offer products mass injection production for furnitures of tables and chairs, 20+ injection machines under production,both for mould testing and for products mass production handled by experienced injection workers.OEM and ODM orders are welcome from injection molds to end mass production.

Hongmei have more than 15 years experience in manufacturing plastic chair mould and plastic table molds,familar with making fruniturers mould.

To find a suitable furniture chair mould maker,choose Hongmei mould!

· Hongmei mould Business scope:

Plastic injection molding service

products injection mass

production,product R&D

plastic overmolding

mould tool fittings

CNC Machining Service

Rapid Prototyping, etc

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